The ex-commander of the Russian Northern Fleet said that the Kursk sank after colliding with a NATO submarine


The Russian nuclear submarine Kursk sank in 2000 after a collision with a NATO submarine, the name of which is known “with a 90% probability.” This was announced in an interview with RIA Novosti by Admiral Vyacheslav Popov, who was then in command of the Northern Fleet.

“I know with a 90% probability the name of it (the submarine that collided with the Kursk. – ed.), But in order to name it publicly, you need to have evidence and put it out. I can’t put it out. NATO’s submarine. And she was there, in the area where she collided with the Kursk, “Popov said. According to him, the NATO submarine was watching the Kursk.” or the Kursk maneuver led to the loss of contact, “he added.

According to Popov, it was the damaged NATO submarine, not the Kursk, that sent the SOS signals on August 12, 2000. The military recorded metal knocks, signifying the SOS signal, and sent them to an acoustic laboratory for analysis.

“I received a report that these knocks are not given by the hand of a person directly, but are given by a mechanism, some kind of automatic machine, a mechanism. So, and I emphasize, we have neither such mechanisms on our submarines, nor systems for supplying this, this signal. No. Therefore, only a foreign submarine could submit it, “the admiral said.

According to him, having approached the source of the knocking, experts found signs of a stationary underwater object on the ground and subsequent analysis showed that it was a foreign submarine. Then the acoustic systems found a Kursk not far from her.

The Kursk submarine crashed on August 12, 2000 during an exercise in the Barents Sea, 175 km from Severomorsk. All 118 crew members on board were killed. According to the official version, the disaster was due to the explosion of a torpedo on board the submarine, caused by a leak of fuel components. After that, a fire broke out on board, due to which the rest of the torpedoes detonated.

President Vladimir Putin said in 2018 that the reason for the tragedy was the unsatisfactory state of the army at that time. In his opinion, the Kursk tragedy is “a manifestation of the general state of the armed forces.”

As noted by RIA Novosti, back in 2000 in a documentary by Arkady Mamontov, Admiral Popov said that for him “the main version is a collision with an unidentified submarine, which struck the most vulnerable place of our boat of this project, of course, unconsciously.” Then the admiral did not name the submarine’s identity and did not claim that he actually knew its name.

According to Boris Kuznetsov, a lawyer for the relatives of the sailors who died on the Kursk, the submarine was not supposed to go to sea at all, and even more so – to fire a peroxide-hydrogen torpedo that exploded in vehicle No. 4: the crew, according to him, had no idea how to use this weapon. Also, according to the lawyer, a rescue operation was carried out “completely ineptly”, during which Russia refused to help foreign states in rescuing sailors.


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