Woman Screaming ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Arrested at Las Vegas Airport for Refusing to Wear a Mask


Crazy people have always been among us and prone to doing crazy things at any time, but they’ve rarely had such open permission to flaunt their craziness. The MAGAs are taking full advantage and don’t seem interested in allowing society or sanity to slow them down.

Las Vegas police arrested a woman at the airport last weekend after she went a bit crazy on a plane. Now, Katrina Alspaugh, of Las Vegas, faces one charge of violating airport rules following the incident Sunday.

Alspaugh wasn’t very original in her attempt at crazy. She simply refused to wear a mask on her Allegiant Air flight to Albuquerque. Amazingly, the woman had already been in a fight near the TSA entrance, but the victim refused to press charges, which allowed Alspaugh to board the plane on which she would be charged.

According to the Las Vegas’s Channel 8 News Now:

When officers arrived at the Allegiant flight gate, Alspaugh was standing on the jet bridge, they said. An airline representative had removed her from the flight and issued her a trespass notice from the company. According to police, as Alspaugh was being taken off the jet bridge in a wheelchair, she yelled obscenities and “Let’s go Brandon.”

Maybe we should just be thankful that the police didn’t join her in yelling about Brandon and Biden and everyone else. For those of us planning on traveling during the holidays (Christmas), it seems like a game of roulette as to whether one crosses one of the crazies.

Federal law requires all passengers on public transportation, including air travel, within the United States, to wear a face mask except when actively eating or drinking.

Since November of last year, the FAA has reported nearly 4,000 unruly passenger incidents involving face masks. Since January, the agency has reported 100 incidents involving physical violence.

Four-thousand? And one-hundred involving injuries? It would be fascinating, just fascinating, to find out who those 4000 and 100 voted for in 2020, or supported if they didn’t vote, would it not?


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