Passenger Trolls Marjorie Taylor Greene at Georgia Airport and It’s Amazing


Two Democrats recently found themselves standing next to Marjorie Taylor Greene at a baggage claim in an airport in Georgia and decided to give her a taste of her own medicine. The representative has been infamous for verbally attacking everyone who disagrees with her far right extremist views, whether an innocent school sh00ting survivor or a colleague with an LGBTQ child.

In the video, Greene is seen standing waiting for her luggage without a mask despite the statewide mandate that requires everyone to mask up in airports. This allows viewers to see the sheer discomfort on her face as @Eva_baker, who recorded the video, speaks loudly about her progressive ideals, even going as far as saying that she is a socialist.

Greene’s face remains the same throughout the video as she tries to ignore the comments, even the one about voting for democrats. The off-camera conversation also consists of saying that the reason they vote for Democrats is to ensure they don’t have to worry about catching COVID, something Greene has loudly claimed is a fraud.

While Greene may have found the conversation to be quite offensive, she can’t exactly be mad at the behavior. The loud conversation spoken in her general vicinity is nothing compared to the bold confrontation that she insists on having with others, even those who are simply doing their job, such as the warden at the prison holding those jailed for the January 6th riots.

Even though @Eva_baker said “I’m a socialist”, in Greene’s range of hearing, at least she didn’t get in her face and actively harass her. Sometimes the best way for politicians to find out what voters really want is simply to overhear it in the airport. The video is still available on TikTok for anyone interested in watching.


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