Trump Says He’s Most Thankful for Himself on Thanksgiving Day



Every once in a while, in a non-government function, when he wasn’t actually doing something that would impact the lives of everyday Americans, we kinda find ourselves missing the ole’ boy, Donald Trump, in one context alone.

Every once in a while, he said something just so perfectly awful, just so full of narcissism, you couldn’t help but admire it. How did he find so many ways? He was asked what he was most thankful for. From Newsweek:

For having a great family and for having made a tremendous difference in this country,” Trump responded. “I made a tremendous difference in the country. This country is so much stronger now than it was when I took office that you won’t believe it.”

The president continued, adding, “And I mean, you see it, but so much stronger that people can’t even believe it. When I see foreign leaders, they say we cannot believe the difference in strength between the United States now and the United States two years ago. Made a lot of progress.”

Throw away the family part. He has kids that have to introduce themselves upon approaching him. He gave his real answer. And, if we had to bet, if we went to him today and asked him what he’s most thankful for, he would once again say himself. An amazingly honest man in the right moments.

It was George Conway who pointed put this memory, and seriously, imagine Joe Biden ever saying something like this?

Twitter was quick to remind everyone just how awful Trump was:

And of course the question we are all asking:

Seriously, what a difference:

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