MAGA Rep Talks ‘Natural Immunity’ on Fox, Then Hours Later Supports Vaccines on CNN


Representative Nancy Mace (MAGA-South Carolina) had a lot of things align today, such that she was interviewed on Fox News (treasured time for any MAGA), and – on the same exact day, just hours later, interviewed on CNN.

The underlying reason for the interviews involved a bipartisan group of House members visiting Taiwan against objections from Beijing. International diplomacy with Taiwan is always dicey and one has to be careful. On the one hand, we unofficially favor Taiwanese sovereignty and Taiwan knows our military has its back. On the other hand, China has never, and likely will never, acknowledge Taiwan’s sovereignty. U.S. politicians have to dance between “semi-official” support for Taiwan without ever directly expressing opposition to Beijing’s “One China” policy.

So the bipartisan trip was news and it afforded Rep. Mace treasured time on the air that the regular run-of-the-mill representative never gets. Mace talked about her meetings on both channels, but had a different message regarding COVID, depending upon the channel.

On Fox, Mace talked about “natural immunity” and her opposition to mandatory vaccinations. Because, of course, she did. The Fox audience wants affirmation that “natural immunity” is the way to go, unless you are really having trouble breathing. At that point, you ditch the natural stuff and want access to the latest scientific development in monoclonal antibodies at $2500 a pop, and/or $25K a day ICU care, also using the best science and personnel on earth.

Rep. Mace then found herself on CNN and – knowing that she was speaking to a different audience, she spoke about the importance of vaccinations, while she got her own booster.

Here she is on Fox, VACCINES BAD.



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