Michael Cohen Just Revealed That Things Aren’t Looking Good for Ivanka and Her Two Brothers


Michael Cohen says that the Manhattan District Attorney’s office could indict Donald Trump “tomorrow.” He means that symbolically. He is not saying that he thinks it’s likely to happen tomorrow. The D.A. has the evidence. And the Donald isn’t the only one in the D.A.’s sights, according to Cohen.

Okay. But Merrick Garland could indict Donald Trump tomorrow based upon Robert Mueller’s investigation that basically functions as an independent indictment withheld due only to DOJ policy. Withheld until after Trump is out of office. Merrick Garland also has access to Trump’s taxes, which would almost surely show the same crimes at the federal level.

The fact is, Trump has committed dozens of crimes and left pretty clear evidence as to some of them. The problem is whether anyone is willing to pull the trigger on something that has no recent precedent. President Ford put the issue with Nixon to rest almost immediately, the country never got to consider the pros and cons.

Regardless, due to the fact that it appears that Garland has no interest in even finding out what Trump did during his term as president, we are somewhat reliant upon the state of New York, even though, if Trump inflated and deflated values for tax purposes, that’s almost surely also a federal crime.

Breathtaking. On Meet the Press, Cohen stated, according to Business Insider:

Cohen said he had supplied “thousands and thousands” of documents to the prosecutors and that other witnesses have been roped into the investigation.

When asked by the host Chuck Todd whether he was “confident you did help Donald Trump commit crimes,” Cohen said: “I can assure you that Donald Trump is guilty of his own crimes. Was I involved in much of the inflation and deflation of his assets? The answer to that is yes.”

Cohen was also asked about Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization’s longtime CFO who was charged with 15 counts of financial crimes last summer, including falsifying business records and federal tax fraud, Cohen said he believes prosecutors have their sights set on bigger targets. And those bigger targets all have the last name Trump.

“Allen Weisselberg is not the key to this,” he said. “They are going after Donald, they’re going after Don Jr, Eric, Ivanka, a whole slew of individuals. Family, you know, family as well.”

We at this site are still not convinced that it is good policy to have states charge former presidents with crimes. Such a monumental decision should probably be a national decision and – for better or worse – the DOJ represents “The United States of America” in the caption.

Their children? Well, that’s a different question entirely.

Regardless, Michael Cohen told us in 2018 that Donald Trump would never peacefully give up power. When he speaks, we listen.


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