Roger Stone Whines that He Doesn’t Feel Safe in Manhattan Because People Attack Him


Roger Stone is entirely responsible for his own fate and reputation. He has proudly named himself the “dirty trickster” for decades in a career of dirty tricks that not only crossed the line with respect to morality and ethics but also crossed the line criminally, at least with respect to his actions protecting Trump.

He also appears to be part alien offspring in that he has a uniquely shaped pointed head that, was it gray or green, with huge eyes and almost no nose, we might consider totally alien.

Which would explain a lot, actually, but might also give us an even worse reputation throughout the galaxy.

As said, Stone is entirely responsible for his reputation and actions. The fact that he’s angered people to the point where he feels “unsafe” in upper Manhattan (From what? Being yelled at in a restaurant? Or getting kneecapped with a baseball bat? We only see one as likely to happen in upper Manhattan) really doesn’t move us.

Does he actually think people will feel sorry for him? There are young Black men in towns in the south getting their masters in education to be a high school English teacher who have to worry – a lot – about being hurt/sh0t while pulled over, or at least dragged into the station for a thorough “check” of their record. But we’re supposed to feel bad for Roger Stone? The same guy who likes to enlist Oath Keepers as his personal security team? That is not going to happen and he knows it, so why…

And, though we really try to stay away from commenting on anyone’s physical appearance, this is the dirty trickster and, well, What. The. Hell. is going on with his head?

If one wanted to make it a positive, it appears he has plenty of bone protecting the top of his brain, so there is that.

Twitter didn’t feel particularly sympathetic, either:


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