Fox News Promoting Children’s Book Teaching Kids Right to Self Defense



Forget Sesame Street and everyone trying to get along. Fox News now finds it important to make sure that children know that they can stand their ground and defend themselves, that they have a “right to self-defense”?

Yes, apparently this is now a thing and it is actually very scary to think about little kids thinking about how to defend themselves, and what they might well be told by their parents, as this book is being read.

There is no indication as to the woman’s name or even whether she is the author, just a good catch while watching Fox. The woman specifically mentions the Rittenhouse verdict making it that much more important that kids understand their rights, perhaps in case they serve on juries or find themselves with someone else’s paws (nice racist reference there?) on their cannons? The entire thing is utterly bizarre and practically make Twitter collectively throw up.

(Ed note: It’s Dana Loesch, g*n nut and former spokeswoman for the NRA and yes, she’s the author of the book.)

Unbelievable, right?

Twitter was disgusted as well and had some thoughts:


[email protected] and on Substack: Schiff Should Cite McConnell as Asking for Law Enforcement Handle the Investigation

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