Joy Behar Rips Chris Cuomo For Helping Brother Amid Scandal


The View was unanimously displeased with the revelations about Chris Cuomo’s conduct on behalf of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, though they debated whether the CNN anchor should be taken off the network over his brother’s scandals.

Chris Cuomo is facing an internal review at CNN following the release of new exhibits and transcripts from the investigation into his brother. The evidence shows how Chris strategically assisted Andrew amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment, and the CNN host also used journalistic sources to dig up information on Andrew’s accusers.

As The View dissected the news, Joy Behar started things off by predicting Chris Cuomo is “in a little bit of trouble” now. Jane Coaston, who was guest-hosting on Tuesday, took things up a notch as she told Behar “I think he’s in a lot of trouble.”

“If you were reporting about this on someone else, you would be saying that person should be fired,” Coaston added.

Behar responded that “I’m not going to be judge and jury of the guy,” but she took a very disapproving view of Cuomo’s attempts to dig up dirt.

“I don’t think that’s kosher,” Behar said. “Whether he should be fired for it, you know, that’s for Jeff Zucker to figure out, not me. There’s a lot in this story that doesn’t feel right, even though I do appreciate the Cuomo family very much.”

As the panel discussed the journalistic quagmire between CNN and the Cuomo brothers, Behar addressed Chris as raised the question “Why not take yourself off the air?” Coaston continued to outline Chris Cuomo’s “abuse of power” to aid his brother, but Whoopi Goldberg summed up the conversation by determining that his actions were “not illegal [but] it’s ethically questionable.”

Goldberg also raised the possibility that Chris should’ve taken time off from CNN while the scandal surrounding his brother played out.

“Maybe he should have done that,” Behar chimed in with the double-down, but “maybe the horse is out of the barn. It’s too late now.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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