MAGA Media are Telling Outright Lies About Nancy Pelosi Buying a $25M Mansion in Florida


As this site reported just a day ago, the regular MAGA lie was already expected, always, it didn’t need to relate to any hint in fact, nothing; “I won the election in a landslide.”

And, as we’ve said, even that type of lie has evolved into a new level of near lie as comedy: “Trump put on a cape and flew from New York to Mar-a-Lago.”

When one decides to go fact-free, one will eventually get to “entirely fact free,” as what happened over the weekend with a news story entirely made up about Nancy Pelosi buying a $25M mansion. And, even before we get to the fact that the story is outright false, Pelosi is married to a wealthy man and, we were not told when it became scandalous to the MAGAs, of all people, to be rich.

Anyway, the story wasn’t true but how it got to be a rumor is true. According to The Bulwark:

Over the weekend, Conservatism Inc. found a new scandal to promote: A false report that Nancy Pelosi had purchased a $25 million mansion in Florida, home to 2024 hopeful, Gov. Ron DeSantis and former President Trump. To underscore: This story is false. Nancy Pelosi has not bought a $25 million mansion in Florida.

But watching how the fake news blew through the conservative ecosystem is illuminating.

The lib-owning idea went something like this: Nancy Pelosi and her ilk have overreacted to COVID-19 at every turn. Ron DeSantis is a freedom loving governor of the greatest state in America. And now Pelosi was all but admitting that DeSantis was right by spending $25 million on Florida real estate. What an elitist hypocrite!

Apparently it all came from some random post on Facebook. Not fact-checked or anything:

What an elite lie! They aren’t even concerned about giving a plausible scenario where it could be true! It is entirely made up! Just like putting on a cape and flying!

And some serious people are spreading the lie. Including Ron DeSantis’s press secretary:

And Sean Hannity:


[email protected] and on Substack: Schiff Should Tell Garland that McConnell Wanted Law Enforcement Investigation

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