Mike Pence Claims Dems To Use Abortion As Population Control, As SCOTUS Hears Arguments On Mississippi Ban


The Supreme Court of the United States is again being asked to determine whether a ban on abortions is a violation of Constitutional rights, and as such, right-wing politicians are weighing in heavily, calling for increased government control over access to abortion. Former Vice President Mike Pence joined in this, propagandizing with a claim that Democrats are moving towards using abortion as a measure of population control similar to one-child policies once held in China.

WASHINGTON, DC – NOVEMBER 30: Former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence speaks at the National Press Club on November 30, 2021 in Washington, DC. Pence spoke about the upcoming Supreme Court case involving a controversial Mississippi abortion law that will be heard at the high court on Wednesday. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Pence describes Democrats as “supporting and even encouraging” abortion, citing a recent Saturday Night Live skit as evidence, then predicts a future in which abortion isn’t only accessible but pushed on pregnant people as a means of limiting population growth.

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Timing is key here, as SCOTUS is currently hearing a challenge to yet another piece of legislation that would endanger access to abortion. This time, Wall Street Journal reports, it’s a Mississippi law that’s under review, one preventing a person more than 15 weeks pregnant from legally accessing an abortion.

The public is waiting to learn whether SCOTUS will uphold the right to access necessary health care with due privacy, take the opportunity to overturn the conclusions established in Roe v. Wade, or dodge the decision by allowing this increased limitation, while not addressing the overall right to access abortion care.

Donald Trump placed three of the nine justices who currently sit on the Supreme Court, with a promise that he would shift the court’s makeup in a goal to overturn the historic Roe v. Wade decision. Now Pence and other Republicans are expressing a clear desire for that promise to come to fruition.

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