The Five’s Panelists ERUPT Over Ghislaine Maxwell


The panel on Fox News’ The Five erupted on Monday over the trial of Ghislane Maxwell, the alleged procurer for the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Following a discussion about actor Jussie Smollett, who is on trial for allegedly creating a hoax in which he portrayed himself as the victim of a racist and homophobic attack in 2019, panelist Geraldo Rivera said, “I think Jussie Smollett will plead to one of these charges of disorderly conduct. He has six disorderly conduct for filing false reports. I think that he will, faced with an insurmountable case, will plead guilty.”

Slamming his hand on the table, Rivera said, “I am outraged by the Maxwell case. You talked about Darrell Brooks, the creep who ran over his girlfriend and then killed six people in a parade and he was out on a $1,000 bail.”

“Ghislaine Maxwell has been in jail for 17 months for no bail,” continued Rivera. “No bail! She is sitting in prison prior to trial accused, get this, of  events that between 1994 and 1998.”

Brooks has been charged with killing six people and injuring more than 40 in Waukesha, Wisconsin on November 21st.

Co-panelists Jesse Watters and Dagen McDowell interjected and called Maxwell “a flight risk.”

“A flight risk,” questioned Rivera. “She offered to put up $28.5 million bond.”

“She’s going to escape to a country with no extradition,” interrupted Watters.

“So you take her and throw her into solitary confinement,” said Rivera, who again repeated that she has been behind bars for “17 months.”

“You’re defending a sex trafficker,” said Watters to Rivera.

“I am defending justice,” said Rivera. “The prosecutor in this case is guilty of political lawyering.”

“She deserves to sit in jail,” said McDowell.

“You don’t even know she’s guilty,” exclaimed Rivera to McDowell.

“Because she’s a flight risk because she was hiding during Covid,” said McDowell.

“She was not hiding,” said Rivera. “She bought a million-dollar house in New Hampshire.”

“Oh yes she was,” said McDowell.

“They’re holding her because they don’t have a case,” said Rivera. “They have no case.”

McDowell cited federal bail law that allows for those indicted to be denied bail if they’re a flight risk or a danger to the community.

“Where is Ghislaine Maxwell going to hide,” asked Rivera. “Where’s she going to hide?”

“Everywhere,” said Watters.

“She can hide overseas because nobody knows where the money is,” said McDowell.

“This is ridiculous,” said Rivera.

McDowell admonished Rivera: “Way to stand up for a sex trafficker!”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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