Will Republicans Going Crazy Over Kamala Harris’ Pot Care That GOP Gov. Kristi Noem Just Spent $8K on Sauna for the Governors Mansion [Op-Ed]


Conservative media long has a tradition of making mountains out of molehills. Who could ever forget the time that Barack Obama had the gall to wear a tan suit.

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Over the last two weeks, channels like Fox News have been breathlessly reporting on Kamala Harris’ purchase of a $400 pot. How could the VP be so callous, they ask, when so many Americans are struggling.

These kind of arguments seem ridiculous, of course, when you consider Donald Trump is the GOP party leader. Trump is one of the most ostentatious human beings on the planet. And a fair bit of his ‘fortune’ was amassed by not paying taxes.

And taxes are another important part of this conversation. Trump had no qualms about using tax payer money to finance his weekly golf trips to Mar-a-Lago. He also put that tax payer money back back in his pocket when he charged secret service agents to stay at his resort.

Harris chose to buy her cookware with her own money. And as a wealthy person, that is certainly her option.

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Kristi Noem, the Trumpy Governor of South Dakota, also has no problem spending tax payer money on herself. The Republican recently made a number of renovations to the Governor’s Mansion.

Receipts show that Noem spent tens of thousands of dollars on luxury rugs and furniture. The South Dakota governor also spent nearly $10,000 adding a crucially important sauna to the property.

As of yet, though, no Conservative media outlets have reported on Noem’s excess. And no reports are likely to come.

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