Brian Kelly’s Farewell Speech to Notre Dame Leaked


Although he won’t be winning a national title this season, Brian Kelly has dominated college football this week, stunning the sport by ditching Notre Dame for LSU.

After the shocking news broke Monday evening, Kelly invited his former players to a 7 AM Tuesday morning meeting so he could properly say goodbye. Reports circled on Tuesday regarding the length of the meeting and whether or not players were able to ask their former coach questions, but now we have answers. A Notre Dame player recorded the speech and sent it to Barstool Sports.

The full video lasts four minutes and 18 seconds, with Kelly speaking for about three minutes and 40 seconds before he left the room without taking questions.

“I know we have been through this together. I recruited virtually everybody in this room. I want to be able to tell you face to face why we’re at where we’re at,” Kelly says during the speech. “The past 12 years have been the most incredible 12 years of my life for me and my family being here at Notre Dame. It’s magical what we’ve been able to build with the most incredible student-athletes, the ones that I’m looking at right now.”

“There is no one to blame,” Kelly adds of his abrupt departure. “There is nobody that is at fault. Nobody did anything wrong. You guys have been the backbone of this program in what you’ve accomplished and will continue to do that.”

The most surprising aspect of Kelly’s departure is that it occurred while Notre Dame still has an opportunity to compete for a national championship. A college football coach leaving one school for another and skipping out on a Bowl Game is a common occurrence, despite players getting chastised for leaving teams to prepare for the NFL Draft. But a head coach leaving a team with an outside shot at making the College Football Playoff is unheard of.

“I think you’re one of the four best teams in the country,” Kelly claimed. “Jack [Swarbrick] is going to get somebody that will continue to lead this program in incredible fashion. I don’t know what it holds for us moving forward, but I hope to heck it means you’re playing for the national championship because you absolutely deserve it.”

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