Jeffrey Epstein’s Former Pilot Testified In Court About Who Flew On Epstein’s Private Plane


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Remember how Prince Andrew has repeatedly tried to brush off his friendship with the late Jeffrey Epstein, by claiming they weren’t even barely friends, and he only stayed at Jeffrey’s place in New York a handful of times? Yeah, I hope he’s got another one of those rock-solid creative excuses in his pocket, because he, among several other high-profile types, were just named in court, under oath, as being passengers on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial began on Monday, and it has wasted no time in laying it out. As we all know, Ghislaine is on trial for allegedly being Jeffrey Epstein’s right-hand and recruiting young women and underage girls into his sex trafficking ring. She has pleaded not guilty to six charges, including conspiracy and sex trafficking. So they’re talking to a whole lot of people connected to both Ghislaine and Jeffrey, who notably was found dead in his jail cell in 2019, in what the medical examiner officially ruled was a suicide. CNN says that yesterday, Jeffrey Epstein’s former pilot of many years, Larry Visoski, spoke in court about what he saw while piloting Epstein’s private plane.

Jeffrey Epstein’s former pilot testified in Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial Tuesday that a who’s who of powerful men, including former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, flew aboard Epstein’s private plane.

The pilot, Larry Visoski, said he would typically be given notice if Clinton or high-profile passengers like him would be flying.
He recalled renowned violinist Itzhak Perlman flew to Michigan with Epstein for the Interlochen Center for the Arts summer camp. He said he remembered Prince Andrew, Maine Sen. George Mitchell, Ohio Sen. John Glenn and actor Kevin Spacey on flights.

He also said he’d fly Epstein to Columbus, Ohio, where Epstein also had property, to see billionaire businessman Les Wexner. Epstein referred to Wexner as his client but Visoski said he believed them to be friends as well.

The name Les Wexner will likely sound familiar to you. He was the longtime CEO of Victoria’s Secret who had ties to Jeffrey Epstein. It was implied that his name appeared in Ghislaine Maxwell’s deposition that was released last year. A name that was blacked-out in that deposition, but implied to be Bill Clinton, also appeared. And now he’s being named as someone who flew frequently on Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane. Bill was forced to deny he had an affair with Ghislaine Maxwell last year, while it was rumored earlier this year that Ghislaine had tapes of Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, which Jeffrey Epstein used as blackmail.

Last June, internet group Anonymous leaked what they claimed was Jeffrey Epstein’s “little black book” of celebrity contacts, and among those names are the same ones that Pilot Larry named in court yesterday. But, it’s also worth noting that Jeffrey Epstein positioned himself as a businessman (his official full-time job wasn’t Child-Chasing Creep, after all). So many of these celebrity contacts could also just be the result of networking. And what of those plane rides? Well, according to Pilot Larry, it could have just been innocent! You know, a rich businessman offering to give his rich friends a lift here and there.

“I never saw any sexual activity, no,” Visoski testified. When asked if he’d seen sex acts with underaged girls he said, “Absolutely not.”
Visoski testified he never saw sex toys, used condoms or clothes strewn about in Epstein’s planes, nor any indication sexual activity took place on the planes.

The cockpit door would be closed during flight, but Epstein would sometimes introduce his guests to Visoski before takeoff, he testified. Epstein also invited the pilots to pass freely through the cabins to use the restroom or get coffee during flights, Visoski said.

Larry clearly has some residual loyalty to Jeffrey Epstein. Larry says Jeffrey paid for his two daughters to go to college, and gifted Larry with acreage in New Mexico, where Larry built a home. Larry says that he signed a non-disclosure agreement as part of his employment. But, Larry did testify yesterday about seeing one of the victims, known only as Minor Victim 1, back in the day. He claimed to remember her and what she looked like, and that she looked mature for her age, but his memory was hazy about whether she’d been on the plane. He said it was easier for him to remember famous faces being on the plane, like Bill Clinton.

No one has really come out and denied being on the plane, and that’s probably because all of the people listed by Larry have been urged by their lawyers to keep their mouths shut for now. But what was Kevin Spacey, of all people, doing flying on Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane? Everyone else kind of makes sense. And somewhere, that dummy Prince Andrew is probably acting all smug to his extended family about being named as a passenger on Epstein’s plane. “See? Unlike you all, I care about the Earth – I don’t charter private planes for myself. I hitch a ride in my friend’s private planes instead! That’s practically recycling.


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