Marjorie Taylor Greene Just Stormed Out of Meeting With Kevin McCarthy, Humiliating Him in the Process


Alc0holics often talk about having a moment of clarity that allowed them to see the destruction that led them to change and redeem their lives. We are starting to wonder whether this week has represented the GOP’s “moment of clarity.”

The most insane and most hateful people in the House, Gosar, Gaetz, Cawthorn, Boebert, and especially Marjorie Taylor-Greene, who doesn’t even have any committee assignments, are all more powerful than Kevin McCarthy, at least when it comes down to being able to tell him to get f’d, and walk away without fear of any repercussions.

Marjorie knows that she is the Donald Trump of the House and doesn’t have to play by the rules. Watch how this works. According to Forbes:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Georgia) noted her displeasure with Rep. Nancy Mace’s (R-S.C.) reaction to Rep. Boebert’s hostility towards Rep. Omar. Greene seemed to accuse Mace of being aligned with Omar and the progressive wing of the Democrats instead of with her fellow Republicans.

That is the Trumpian way. Loyalty above humanity. So, notice that MTG didn’t check with anyone else in the GOP or just keep her head down like the others, she took the lead in an intra-party feud.

Her comments led to McCarthy trying to handle the situation and control his caucus, like a leader should be able to do, relatively easily, especially with a freshman like MTG. Except:

So how did Marjorie bite back at Rep. Mace (Who seems like a perfectly normal insane MAGA, not MTG/Gosar/Gaetz/Cawthorn-type of insane), what was it that she did to lash out?

Trump’s need for “loyalty” has so infected the party that it is their only real platform, the only thing that unites them at all, loyalty to Trump. It takes all the individuality out of each of them and they become automatons. The moment one starts to think for themselves, and perhaps has a moment of clarity, like Cheney (“You fcking did this!” to Jim Jordan on Jan. 6th), you are essentially cast into the desert, called a “RINO” by MTG, who, right now, has more power than Kevin McCarthy.

Because if McCarthy calls her tonight to say that he’s going to sponsor a motion to censure her (Which, Pelosi will surely agree to), all MTG needs to do is pick up the phone and call daddy Trump. He will take care of the problem.

Trump will not worry – at all – that McCarthy happens to be the House GOP leader and Marj is just some random freshman critter. No, Trump will make his measure the way he measures everything else – by loyalty. And Marjorie Taylor Greene is more “loyal” to Trump than Kevin McCarthy.

It is that simple. But that kind of dynamic cannot last. They are imploding, and it is clear.


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