Dave Halls Attorney Backs Up Alec Baldwin Shooting Claim


Alec Baldwin insists he didn’t pull the trigger on the gun that fatally wounded Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, and the film’s embattled assistant director is now backing up the actor’s claim.

Lisa Torraco, an attorney to Dave Halls, spoke to ABC News’ Kaylee Hartung after Baldwin gave an intense interview about the shooting to George Stephanopoulos. Previews of the conversation show Baldwin getting emotional over the incident, and when questioned about how the film script didn’t call for him to pull the trigger in the scene he was rehearsing, he said “the trigger wasn’t pulled. I did not pull the trigger. No, no, no, no, no, I would never point a gun at anyone and pull a trigger at them.”

Responding to the interview, Torraco says her client similarly insists Baldwin didn’t fire the gun on purpose.

“The entire time Baldwin had his finger outside the trigger guard, parallel to the barrel, and [Halls] told me since day one he thought it was a misfire,” Torraco said. “Until Alec said that, it was just really hard to believe, but Dave has told me since the very first day I met him that Alec did not pull that trigger.”

For weeks, Halls has been under scrutiny over his connection to the chain of events leading up to Hutchins’ death. Halls is allegedly the one who handed Baldwin the prop gun that day while announcing that it was “cold,” and therefore, unloaded. His past has also come into question due to previous incidents suggesting a lack of adherence to gun safety.

Halls’ attorney would not confirm to ABC7 that her client handed the gun to Baldwin, but she said he was on set when the gun discharged.

“Dave has told me since day one that it was an accident,” said Torraco. “It was a pure accident — freak, awful accident [that] unfortunately killed somebody.”

Watch above, via ABC7.

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