‘For the Record’ Podcast: Shana Mangatal on Filming Video for Howard Hewett’s ‘To Thee I Pray’


*Howard Hewett is back with another new video for one of his classic tracks, and back behind the camera is returning director Shana Mangatal. Last year, the actress, author and longtime Hewett collaborator shot visuals for “That Christmas,” a track from his 2008 album “Howard Hewett Christmas.”

This time around, Mangatal was armed with an iPhone 12 pro to illuminate Hewitt’s “To Thee I Pray,” his 1992 song about the importance of spreading God’s love, particularly amidst all the pandemic madness of the past two years.

In this episode of For the Record, Mangatal talks about her approach to filming this latest video, finding inspiration in Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror,” and why shooting on the beach was a must.

Listen below:

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