How America Can Have Ethical and Affordable Medical Care


Copy and paste the following and send it to your elected officials. Address them as public servant, not governor, congressman or senator. 

The US pays 3 times the world average for health but in spite of that the US is ranked lowest for quality. 

The ads we see on TV for Medicare Advantage are scams by corporate mobsters.

The pharmaceutical ads we see on TV are not really informational, They are bribes so that the corporate media won’t expose the criminality of the Medical Mafia. Google Pfizer Crimes and Johnson & Johnson crimes and after you learn about the carnage caused by these two Medical Mafia members ask yourself why they are the ones providing their shitty short lasting vaccines. Ask yourself, “Why should I trust these gangsters”? 

 Like Romney Care, Obama Care was simply another giveaway to the Medical Mafia. BTW, the Medical Mafia is the leading cause of preventable death and injury in the US. A few days ago my sister in law lost her sister to gross negligence at a hospital in Syracuse. Under the law it would be criminally negligent homicide had one of the peasants caused it but when someone working for a corporation kills on of the peasants there is never a criminal investigation let alone an arrest and trial. What might happen is a fine/bribe to a judge or prosecutor or a long drawn out civil lawsuit where the damages are paid by the criminals who caused the death. The other travesty/fuckery is that the family of the victim will still have to pay the bill. 

Then we have billing fraud which when caught is settled by returning some of the money and paying a fine/bribe so that CEOs and the corrupt boards of directors go unpunished.

Then we have billing fraud which when caught is settled by returning some of the money and paying a fine/bribe so that CEOs and the corrupt boards of directors go unpunished.

Big pharma bribes to medical schools, labs, doctors and hospitals is the rule and not the exception. The cruel exploitation of human suffering for obscene profit is something that would make even a Nazi cringe. The reason Medical Mafia applies is because what they do to patients is extortion and intimidation. Are you OK with this public servant?

The solution is simple public servant. It’s called equal justice under that law. This means in part to punish all wrongdoers regardless of how filthy rich they are. Unless this first step is taken and the criminal elite ruling class are subject to the same rules of law to which the peasants are held nothing will change. After every member of the Medical Mafia is brought to justice and put into cages along side dangerous street thugs and other sociopaths phase two can start.

1. Cures: The last disease eradicated was polio. Today the possible cure for Hep C is a combination of 2 older drugs but the price is obscene and perhaps 10,000 the cost of manufacturing the drugs. When AIDS first came out so mysteriously I had a hunch that the Medical Mafia was not going to create a cure. The same thing is probably for COVID-19. 

The reason we no longer have cures is because there is less money in curing the biting maladies that plague humans. The Hippocratic Oath reads, “First do no harm.” Fuck that because health care acquired infection and medical maiming is very profitable. What the Hippocratic Oath should read is, “First make obscene profit.” 

2. After all the Medical Mafia members are brought to justice, we the people run health care. We start by taking back all the ill-gotten obscene wealth of the American Medical Mafia members and the corporate news media. 

3. We take over their hospitals and clinics and we treat people for free and cure them quickly.

4. We give the FDA a giant enema and flush out all the Medical Mafia thugs there.

If the US is to inept and still too corrupt the create a moral health care system we hire the French, Italians and the Japanese to create our health care system. They have good health care and they doing for less than half the cost of the US. 

An ethical state can use something like the VA model. As bad as the VA is said to be, patient care there is far superior to for profit hospitals. Government administrators and workers can be held to strict standards and paid a living wage. Most private health care workers can’t afford health care. 

Free medical school like they have in France produces high quality ethical doctors. To get into medical school in France it doesn’t take money, it takes merit. Ethical doctors are also victims of the medical Mafia’s insatiable greed. Truth be told, American MDs have short lifespans. Apparently their shit doesn’t work. If MDs were given a stipend to relocate to a state with ethical health care, the good ones would come. They would receive real training and education for their CEUs instead of attending parties sponsored by the Medical Mafia under the pretense of education.

MDs whine, complain and brag about the torturous shifts they are subjected to as interns and  residents but they rarely stop and think that they too are victims of corporate greed. We only allow truckers to drive for 10 hours straight, why don’t we regulate doctors? The simple answer is GREED!

I hope to hear back from you public servants so that you can tell me if the government you head is willing to protect the people from the corporate Medical Mafia. I’m considering getting on the ballot because my message will resonate with every voter regardless of their political stripe. Everyone I know hates the Medical Mafia more than they hate the opposing political bullshit of their political enemies.

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