Morning Joe Mocks Mark Meadows Trump Book Backtracking


Morning Joe ridiculed Mark Meadows for agreeing with with former President Donald Trump that information from his own book is “fake news.”

On Thursday, Morning Joe covered revelations from The Chief’s Chief — a new book from Meadows, who served as Trump’s final chief of staff — that Trump tested positive for Covid earlier than previously known. Trump did receive a negative test after his first positive, but would go on to meet with Gold Star families at the White House the next day, and share a debate stage with Joe Biden days later. Soon after, Trump was hospitalized with a severe case of Covid.

On Morning Joe, Jonathan Lemire outlined Trump’s reckless conduct after receiving the positive test, and Joe Scarborough mocked Trump as “a runaway beer truck that was spraying Covid like insecticide.”

“Keep in mind,” Mika Brzezinski added, “people are being forced to take tests and have their temperatures checked and everything and all around them, while he’s breathing Covid all over these people.”

The show then noted that Trump is claiming the any suggestion he had Covid, on the basis of Meadows’ book, is “fake news.” Meadows did the same thing in an interview with Newsmax.

“We got this from you! You wrote the book,” Scarborough exclaimed. “Just because Trump goes ‘Hey this is fake news,’ you don’t have to be like Mike Pence when he puts water on the floor.”

Morning Joe then rolled footage of Meadows’ interview where he blundered his response after Rob Schmitt acknowledged the “interesting” timing from the book’s revelations.

“Absolutely love some ranch dressing with that word salad,” Scarborough deadpanned.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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