Sandra Bullock Went On “Red Table Talk” To Talk About The Challenges of Coparenting And Transracial Adoption


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I used to think the ballsiest thing Sandra Bullock ever did was to threaten her reputation as America’s Sweetheart by marrying a probable history buff. But she just took another big risk by appearing on Red Table Talk flanked by three distractively stunning women. Personally, I would never let my face be seen within an inch of Willow Smith and Jada Pinket Smith’s mugs, not when they are both bald-headed and lashed up. Nuh uh, I can look like a forgotten root cellar rutabaga all on my own, thank you very much. I do not need the contrast. But Sandy’s got a movie she needs us to watch so she put her glam squad to work and talked about surprising her (new at the time) boyfriend, photographer Bryan Randall, with the news that she was about to bring home a second child. With Willow just sitting there, barely a stitch of makeup and positively glowing. That is why, despite having once risked contracting every STD known to man or ape, Sandy speaking about transracial adoption and the challenges of co-parenting on Facebook Watch, might be the bravest thing Sandy has ever done. Couldn’t be me.

Sandy is mom to now 11-year-old Louis (how did THAT happen?) who she adopted as an infant in 2010, just 3 months before filing for divorce from Jesse James. She and her current man Bryan, who she calls “the love of her life,” got together in 2015, the same year she brought home her now 8-year-old-daughter Laila. According to People, Bryan was offered the same courtesy of 2 weeks notice she offered Hugh Grant.

As The Unforgivable star navigated adoption for the second time and adjusting to being a mother of two, Bullock said Randall has been a “saint” and “very patient” with her, adding, “He has evolved on a level that is not human.” However, when asked if Randall was a part of her decision to adopt Laila, she quickly joked, “Hell no.”

“I had Louis first. And then when I met him — and we hadn’t been together that long — I go, ‘Do you remember that NDA you signed when you photographed my son?’ … He was still scared, his whole life had been unraveled because of me,” Bullock explained. “And I said, ‘You know that still holds.’ And he said, ‘Okay, why?’ And I was like, ‘Because I’m bringing a child home when I come back from Toronto.’ He was like, ‘Sorry what?’ ”

“And he was so happy, but he was scared. I’m a bulldozer,” she continued. “My life was already on the track and here’s this beautiful human being who doesn’t want anything to do with my life, but the right human being to be there to help me.”

Sandy went on to praise Bryan’s parenting skills but said she struggles with co-parenting because of her stubbornness.

“I’m stubborn but sometimes I need to sit back and listen and go, ‘You’re saying it differently but we mean exactly the same thing,’ ” she said on the show. “It’s hard to coparent because I just want to do it myself.”

One of the differences she mentioned was that Bryan is “very Christian” whereas she is not. So maybe that explains that whole dog shit brouhaha from back in the day. Maybe there’s a verse in the bible that says “thou shalt pick up after thine own dog lest its excrement darken thine own door,” that I’m unaware of. Sandy also talked about how raising Black kids taught her she wasn’t as “woke” as she thought she was. She gave an example of a time when Laila objected to Bryan watching The Squid Game. According to The Huffington Post:

Bullock said that when she asked her daughter why she was so upset by the show, she assumed it was because of its violence. But Bullock was surprised by her daughter’s response: “‘I don’t want Dad to watch that … because there’s no Black people in it.’”

“The fact that that was fire in her belly made me so happy that she was already voicing,” Bullock said. “I let [my kids] teach me and tell me what they need to know. I thought I was educated and woke, I thought I had it all, and guess what, I wasn’t.”

Oh lord, that just made me realize that they are totally going to do an American remake of Squid Game that will be 99% more racially diverse and 1000% worse. Oh well! Here’s Sandy going face to FACE FACE FACE with the ladies of RTT.


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