Top Missouri Paper Calls on Congress to Investigate Their Own Senator Josh Hawley for His Part in Capitol Siege


The editorial board of the St. Louis Dispatch has not been quiet about their grievances with Donald Trump and his political allies, specifically when it comes to baseless claims of election fraud, and how those claims led to the January 6 siege on the U.S. Capitol.

According to the recent open letter they published to Congress, the U.S. Senate Ethics Panel has a duty to investigate both Ted Cruz (R-TX) and their own representative, Josh Hawley.

“Jan. 6 wasn’t a fantasy; it was real, and the culpability of these two senators must be determined.” These powerful words were included in that piece, followed by specific examples of the Senators’ behaviors. For example, the writers noted that Cruz and Hawley were the only two senators that refused to certify Joe Biden’s victory, despite having no evidence to support their claims that his victory was not legitimate.

While this latest piece by the reputable paper is their most stirring one yet, it is not the first time they have been loud about their displeasure with how their Senator is behaving over at Washington D.C. Several times in the past year, they have circulated a damning photo of Hawley signaling a raised fist to rioters during the Capital siege.

The editors also go further, blaming Hawley for inciting the riots in the first place. After discussing his refusal to certify Biden as president, they go on to say that, “That was the same baseless, toxic nonsense then-President Donald Trump had been spewing since before the election. Such talk whipped up the mob of Trump loyalists to attack the Capitol on Jan. 6.”

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