Trump Claims People Were ‘Fighting to Take the Vaccine’ When He Was President


Along with an ego that, at times, seems truly impossible to comprehend or even imagine, in anyone, Trump seems to have a very selective memory that enhances that ego and his narcissism. It is obviously quite helpful.

Trump likes to take credit for “Operation Warp Speed” and the limited resulting success once authorized. It is true that Trump signed a presidential order that allowed the FDA to bypass many of the trial protocols that require more time. Of course, in most other trials, there is far less risk in taking more time. With respect to this particular virus, we had already had 200,000 dead. More trials imposed an even greater risk.

It must also be said, any president would have signed the same order, and leaders all over the world authorized the same thing at the same time. Additionally, this site always points out that the U.K. was administering the vaccine a week prior to our first doses. Other than signing the order itself, Trump, literally, had nothing to do with the speed at which the vaccine was developed.

This morning, Trump said that the problem with the frustrating vaccination rates is due to the fact that people don’t trust President Biden and he notes that, under him, there were no problems with people taking the vaccine. Though the actual statement may have an element of truth, it is a lie by omission.

First of all, the vaccine had only been around a little over two months as his term ended. The very first people to be vaccinated were the medical professionals who were around the virus all day every day. Of course, 99% of them were taking that shot. The second category involved the people who, by far, were the most vulnerable to dying from the disease, the elderly, especially those in nursing homes. The choice had nothing to do with who was president. Of course, at the end of Trump’s term, there had been no problems with trust.

There were massive problems with distribution. There was no national plan, the plan was to leave it up to the states, and thousands of doses sat in Fed-Ex storage, looking to be told where to go. Remember the issue with the testing kits? Maryland’s governor arranging for the state to buy a shipment from South Korea and have it flown straight to Baltimore? The Biden administration literally walked in the door on the afternoon of the 20th looking for the plan and learned that one didn’t exist.

Initially, Biden created a plan and had no problem at all getting people vaccinated. The Biden administration nearly doubled his goals and dates set.

It was only when the country ran out of people who believed in science and didn’t want to follow Biden’s directives that vaccination rates slowed down. It certainly was political, but it had less to do with believing Biden so much as not believing in the science and/or wanting to make a statement; “The libs can’t force me to do anything and look at how mad it makes them! I love it!”

Trump also refused to get his vaccine on camera which would’ve helped immensely. Pence got it. But then again, Pence doesn’t have flabby upper arms covered in rosacea.

Then they complained when private companies started requiring people to be vaccinated to be served and companies over a certain size to require employees to be vaccinated. They still had a choice. They didn’t have to use the services and they could quit their jobs.

He just loves himself so so so much. Perhaps more people would be alive today if he was president and advocating getting vaccinations. The MAGAs wouldn’t be trying to make a statement and they would follow Trump’s directives. But he didn’t even make directives with masks. He would still leave it up to them and certainly not vouch for Fauci and the CDC.

The people who are refusing the vaccine are almost solely his followers. If he was president, he would want the economy soaring, which would require as many vaccinations as possible.

Indeed, if Trump thinks Biden is the problem and cared about the lives of his voters, he would put out a statement today and a PSA to run on Fox News tomorrow, one saying: I want every American to get vaccinated and get a booster when the time comes. I know it is safe. Much safer than leaving yourself exposed. If you support me, I need you to get vaccinated. I want my supporters and my movement as strong as possible and that will only happen if you are vaccinated. I beg you to join me in Making America Great Again Again, and it starts with strength, which means vaccinations. Let’s show them what we can do!

Over half the problem would be solved within two weeks and he could take credit for it. But he would rather have it hurt Biden. He will throw away thousands of lives because it hurts Biden and anything hurting Biden helps him. Amazing.

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