Trump Laughably Claims He Published His Picture Book Partly to ‘Give People Hope’


Trump doesn’t “give” people anything. Not without receiving more in return.

But this morning on Fox, Trump talked about “doing” his picture book, the one that costs over $70, and $23o to have it signed, just to give people some “hope.” (Video below)

It is a book full of pictures of Trump. This site cannot think of a reason why people would get hope from a picture book without being a full MAGA and given that we don’t even know any MAGAs it’s not like we can ask.

Obviously, we can make a somewhat logical guess. The MAGAs are going to look back with fondness of that time and agree it was perfect, beautiful in fact, and think that it’s coming again, surely, they’re getting him back again. He is returning and that gives them hope.

Well, it’s certainly not impossible. One can’t rule anything out coming from the right and their voting laws nowadays. But Trump is banking (keyword) on the fact that his people just want to pretend he is still president. Or, in some cases, continue to believe he is president.

Trump thinks he knows why his MAGAs will buy it, and why it will give them hope. He says that the book will remind them that his presidency was a beautiful time, in some cases, a very beautiful time.

We don’t really need to say it, but from March 2020 to January 20, 2021, 400,000 Americans died of a disease that could have been fought much more aggressively, saving many of those lives, perhaps well over half, had Trump followed the lead of other countries and shut things down for an appropriate amount of time and then created one billion red MAGA masks, for sale. We can envision the commercial right now; “Let people know you fully support President Trump. He is the only president that could save so many lives.”

Instead, it was ugly. Trump thought masks made him look weak and so masks would always be optional. All because of his vanity, is there anything uglier?

There are just so many other examples, so many, but it’s nearly impossible to get past that last ten months, including a few days in which Trump’s life was on the line.

Trump likely thinks it will be beautiful to get what will be essentially free money if the book sells well. It could not have taken him more than a day to dictate each note in each picture.

Now that would give him hope and be beautiful. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. People giving him something:


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