Actor Kevin Sorbo Humiliated on Twitter (AGAIN) for Yet Another Dumb Covid Tweet, ‘Natural Immunity, Anyone?’


Back in the Dark Ages (the only depression worse than the Great Depression) they had to rely upon “natural immunity” and – despite being all-natural, the most expensive kind, it didn’t work for one out of three people who got the plague.

Indeed, we do have natural immunity, but up until the nearly accidental discovery of penicillin, it was quite possible to die of a small cut if it got infected, it would get red, redder, spread, you would get a fever… Nowadays, we augment that natural immunity with a pill taken once or twice a day at the point it gets red. Antibiotics break cell walls. Bacteria have walls. Your cells have membranes. Cool, huh?

Science. It works. Natural immunity? Most of the time, certainly not always. It is great to go with a combo!

But not if you’re a MAGA. If you’re a MAGA, you get it, you understand that natural immunity can lead to one passing away…naturally. We are at a loss regarding an explanation. Even the horse paste was an attempt to go with something beyond “Can I breathe?”

But there is a significant portion of MAGAs that really think you should be satisfied with giving it a go! Find out how natural you can be. Here is Kevin Sorbo:

And he doesn’t particularly care if people pass away due to his influence. But Twitter was quick to let him know that there are a lot of people in the ground, moms, dads, grandparents, even kids, in the ground due to a disease that actually almost everyone could survive with a vaccine:

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