Alabama Casino Player Takes Home Over 1 Million Dollars


The Silver Star Casino was the place to be on 13th October, as the Wheel of Fortune video slot was due to pay out the big one!

Dane W. was playing the hugely popular game at the Pearl River Resort when suddenly his luck struck and the reels revealed the jackpot prize of $1,163,526.81. The Alabama man chose the Wheel of Fortune slot for its progressive jackpot mechanic, as well as its highly entertaining gameplay. The Wheel of Fortune slot carries classic symbols such as Bars and 7’s and holds multiplier symbols which play a key role in creating big payouts.

AL Online Casinos listed here are home to some of the state’s most trusted online casinos, offering a whole host of top-quality titles.

We are going to have a look at some other jackpot wins around Alabama.

Biggest Alabama Casino Wins 2021

In one of the luckiest weeks in Alabama casino’s history, Birmingham Race Course Casino paid out big jackpots to two lucky winners during the same week.

Just a few days apart, one lucky player managed almost half a million dollars as they scooped the $459,182 Jackpot, and then less than a week later, another player managed to land the $162,000 jackpot. Both of the prizes were won playing progressive jackpot titles. There are multiple progressive slots at Birmingham Race Course Casino, meaning that the chances of striking a six-figure sum win at this casino are considerably higher than at many other establishments in the area.

A History of Big Winners in Alabama

Alabama has a strong history of paying out big wins. Just a few years ago, a woman was the lucky winner of over a million dollars, after landing the jackpot at Wind Creek Casino & Hotel, located in the city of Wetumpka – a casino and hotel rated as one of the best hotels in the region. The woman going by the name of ‘Irene’, picked up a cheque for $1,046,368 on 18th June 2015. What makes Irene’s story even more of a fairy tale is that she was a first-time visitor to Wind Creek Casino, so it’s safe to say that her for her first impressions of the place couldn’t have been any better!

Wind Creek Casino & Hotel is a hotspot for making millionaires, as there was another lucky winner who scooped a million-dollar jackpot prize in the year before Irene. This time it was a local businessman who didn’t want his name released to the press, but Wind Creek Casino & Hotel reported that the local man won $1,036,854.37, while playing a popular electronic bingo game in the casino. The man was probably due a good win, as the casino mentioned that he is a frequent visitor to the place.

A Little Spiritual Help

Indeed, in yet another jackpot winner at Wind Creek Casino & Hotel, but this time it was the Montgomery branch, a woman by the name of Gloria L, from Birmingham, AL, took home the monster jackpot of $1,165,115. She scooped the prize when playing her favourite Million Degrees electronic bingo game.

Gloria was understandably overcome with emotion, as she told of the struggles her and her husband had been through in order to raise their three children, as well as raising two other children voluntarily. Her and her husband both work as many hours as they can and hold down two jobs each.

But the story gets a little more interesting, as Gloria is a practicing Christian, and the moment that the jackpot hit, Gloria was beside herself. She struggled to even hold onto the telephone as she was trying to call her husband, but a gentleman sitting next to her who she claims was also playing the game helped her by dialing her husband’s number. The man kept supporting Gloria by giving her small pats on the back while telling her that she needs to focus on breathing in order to regain her composure, and that he was there for her for as long as she needed him. When the staff at the casino arrived, she answered some routine questions but wanted to take a moment to thank the gentleman for his support, but to her amazement, he had disappeared.

Gloria asked the staff and others around if they saw where he went, to which everybody replied that there was never a man sitting there in the first place. Since that moment, Gloria is sure she was in the presence of her very own guardian angel.

 A Great Following

So, there you have it! You could say that Alabama is one of the luckiest states in the whole of the U.S, as it has paid out huge prizes on multiple occasions, and the casinos are a great form of entertainment. Alabama attracts visitors from all across the country, especially for Alabama football, as the hopeful players come in search of big payouts and dream to join the long list of lucky winners for the state.

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