Alec Baldwin Rips George Clooney, Trump to Stephanopoulus


Alec Baldwin sat down for his first interview since Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was fatally shot on set, in which he hit back at Donald Trump for suggesting the actor could have loaded the gun himself.

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulus asked the actor and producer about Trump’s comments during the highly emotional interview, noting that some blame Baldwin for Hutchins’ death.

“He’s a troubled guy. There’s something wrong with him. I’ve watched him for years. He gets into fistfights with reporters,” Trump said last month.  “He’s a cuckoo-bird. He’s a nutjob. And usually, when there’s somebody like that, you know, in my opinion, he had something to do with it.”

Baldwin was visibly shocked that Trump implied he had fired the gun “deliberately,” adding, “Just when you think things can’t get any more surreal, here’s the president of the United States making a comment on this tragic situation.”

Stephanopoulus also addressed criticism George Clooney launched at Baldwin last month, asking, “How do you respond to actors like George Clooney who say that every time they were handed a gun, they checked it themselves?”

While speaking to Marc Maron on the WTF podcast last month, Clooney faulted the film’s producers, including Baldwin, for failing to implement adequate gun safety measures.

Clooney additionally claimed that he personally checks every gun that is handed to him on set, pointing to the moment Brandon Lee was killed due to a defective blank while filming The Crow in 1993.

“Now every single time I’m handed a gun on the set, every time they hand me a gun I look at it, I open it. I show it to the person I’m pointing it to, I show it to the crew. Every single take you had to back to the armorer when you’re done,” he said. “You do it again and part of it is because of what happened to Brandon, everyone does it. Everybody knows and maybe Alec did that, hopefully he did do that.”

Baldwin responded to Clooney’s remarks on Thursday night, also walking through his own personal procedure.

“Well, there were a lot of people who felt it necessary to contribute some comment to the situation, which really didn’t help the situation,” Baldwin said. “At all.”

He went on to say that he’s “probably handled weapons as much as any other actor in films with an average career,” adding, “If your protocol is you check the gun every time, well, good for you.”

Baldwin went on to explain his protocol regarding onset weapons, claiming that the prop professional would take the gun from him and reset it every time the actor altered any of the mechanics.

“The prop person said, ‘Don’t do that,’ when I was young,” he explained. “And they’d say, ‘One thing you would need to understand is we don’t want the actor to be the last line of defense against any catastrophic breach of safety with the gun. My job is to make sure the gun is safe and then I hand you the gun and I declare the gun is safe. The crew is not relying on you to say that it’s safe. They’re relying on me to say that it’s safe.’ ”

“When that person who is charged with that job handed me the weapon, I trusted them,” Baldwin continued. “And I never had a problem.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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