Chris Stirewalt Rips ‘Reckless’ Tucker Carlson Documentary


Chris Stirewalt, the former Fox News digital politics editor, said it was “beyond reckless” for his former network to produce Tucker Carlon’s January 6th series Patriot Purge.

Stirewalt, who is currently a contributing editor of The Dispatch and resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, was fired from Fox News after he defended the decision to call the state of Arizona for Joe Biden on election night 2020. Fox called the state first, a decision which was correct and later echoed across the media, but one that angered former President Donald Trump and his supporters.

On the Talkline podcast, host Hoppy Kercheval asked Stirewalt about the “recent departure of Jonah Goldberg and Steve Hayes from Fox because they did not want to be a part of something where Tucker Carlson was going to reinvent January 6th. What’s your take on that?”

Stirewalt responded, “They hired me [at The Dispatch] when Fox fired me” and “I have had a lot of respect for them for a long time.”

“What Steve and Jonah did in giving up compensation and a high-visibility post was to put their money literally where their mouth is,” he continued.

Stirewalt explained:

What Fox allowed in Tucker Carlson’s documentary, which said that January 6 was a potentially false flag operation undertaken by the federal government and that Americans were being put in Guantanamo over pictures of waterboarding was beyond reckless and is another mile marker down the road to the kind of Alex Jones-ian Info Wars-ian garbage that makes it impossible to have any kind of a conversation. If you can say stuff and don’t support it, except for without conspiracy theorizing gobbledygook. That’s no good.

“And it wasn’t just that it existed for Steve and Jonah,” he added. “It was that it existed and that Fox sort of shrugged at it and so they decided they couldn’t run a news organization [The Dispatch] that is predicated on all the opposite of all of those things and still make money from Fox.”

Watch Stirewalt’s comments below.

Stirewalt also criticized CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter.

“Media criticism as I have said to you before is like his asbestos abatement, it’s dangerous. It requires specialized equipment and it should mostly be left to the professionals,” he said. “Because a lot of what passes for media criticism, Brian Stelter, is just another way to do the same old punch and Judy, right, you stank. No, you stank. Here’s what you’re not covering that you should be covering, No, here’s what you’re not covering that you should be covering and it is pointless.”

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