Facebook Sold Ads Comparing Covid Vaccine to Holocaust


Facebook has sold ads comparing the vaccine to the Holocaust, in addition to other anti-vaccine ads, according to a CNN report.

During an appearance on Thursday on Anderson Cooper 360, CNN correspondent Donie O’Sullivan noted that Fox Nation host Lara Logan compared America’s top infectious diseases expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, to Nazi doctor Josef Mengele.

It’s a comparison that Fox News has yet to comment on despite multiple requests for comment from Mediaite. However, Fauci responded on Thursday night on MSNBC to the comparison, calling it “preposterous and disgusting.”

Nonetheless, O’Sullivan said that Logan’s sentiment “is not happening in a vacuum” and that “in fact, it’s all over people’s Facebook feeds.”

One ad from a group called “Ride the Red Wave” features a sweater that reads “I’m officially from America but currently reside in 1941 Germany. The Holocaust started that year.”

Another pic from the group shows a t-shirt with a picture of an injection needle that reads “Slowly and quietly” above the needle and “But it’s a Holocaust” below it.

O’Sullivan mentioned that Facebook was unaware of the ads until CNN flagged them for the social media network.

Sullivan noted that CNN “found these ads very, very easily. If we’re easy to find them, a trillion-dollar company with Facebook with that resources they should be able to find the stuff themselves.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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