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You don’t have to be a cynic to wonder if some of our supremacist lawyers made to sit on the Supreme Court believe that truth matters. Though it’s a system that rests on the oath to tell the truth taken by everyone giving testimony at trials, it appears that’s mostly embroidery, just for show. Like the robes.

Sure, you can get in pretty deep shit for lying, but only if you’re pretty far down the pecking order and low on the food chain. As with most human activities, the rules change the higher up you go. Or, in better words, “a man’s respect for law and order exists in precise relationship to the size of his paycheck.” That was Adam Clayton Powell, who got in trouble with the law himself, though he was a member of Congress. Also black, it’s worth mentioning.

We have at least three dead-to-rights liars on the Supreme Court now, all of them chomping at the bit to the deny rights to women that would never be denied to men. Or to rich women, for that matter. The lying Brett Kavanaugh, who said during his confirmation hearing that he believed that Roe v. Wade was “settled law,” will be doing what Trump appointed him to do. Soon. By the time this piece sees the light of day, he will, in fact, have already done that thing he lied about. But then he lied about other things, too, as he denied ever having been a very bad boy when he was that creepy rich preppy who made a practice of taking liberties with young women he didn’t know. Too his credit, I suppose, he probably mostly told the truth about his love of beer.

Clarence Thomas also told a lie in order to get a seat on the highest court of the land. He denied sexually harassing Anita Hill, a far more intelligent lawyer who worked under his supervision. Does anyone else remember the tale of the pubic hair on a coke can, or that porn classic “Long Dong Silver” Judge Thomas chose to discuss with his fellow lawyer? And does anyone recall how the son of a bitch played the race card by calling the confirmation hearings a “high-tech lynching,” though he was handled with far more respect and deference than the black woman who came forward to give testimony about why he might be unworthy of consideration for the post he’d been nominated to by George H.W. Bush, known as a moderate, though he was never hesitant to use race in any way that would serve to his advantage. In fact, George H.W. Bush, VP to Racist Ronnie Reagan, would probably not ever have become POTUS but for those Willie Horton ads he ran to make his Democratic opponent look like just another soft-on-crime nigger lovin’ liberal. And still we’re told that Bush the Elder was a moderate. I guess the standards for moderation aren’t as exacting for Republicans, or for the people they use to stack the Supreme Court. Deceit is baked into that cake.

Speaking of which brings us to Amy Cony Barrett, who went through the confirmation process lying, though not at all convincingly, that she would be able to weigh in on Roe v. Wade with a completely open mind. Then, yesterday, she revealed her real bias when she spoke out for adoption as a solution to questions women might have about having to unwillingly carrying a pregnancy to term. The sum and substance of her comment was that, hey, carrying a fetus to term and then giving it up is really no imposition on women at all, so why would they need legal rights to their bodies in this regard. Just do it, then give it up for adoption. Problem solved. Wasn’t it clear to all that Trump put her in office with the precise objective of overturning Roe v. Wade, and to rub it in, he did so a) before Ruth Bader Ginsburg was in the ground, and b) within spitting distance of the election that would have allowed the people to choose person who would appoint the next justice. That was, you may recall, the reason Mitch McConnell used to argue against the appointment of Merrick Garland some nine months before the Donald Trump was elected, the rough beast that was slouching toward Bethlehem to be born. Savior of the evangelicals, defender of the faith.

So there we have at least three members of the Supremest Court in the land, all known to have lied or played fast and loose with the truth in order to gain their perch there, dishonest people who will now decide for millions of women and young girls whether it’s ok or not ok for them to terminate their pregnancies. And, of untold thousands will die of self-administered or back-alley abortions thanks to the legal imposition of the religious views of these three raven-cloaked Christers, plus Alito, also among those blinded by religious zealotry. (Could this be what is meant when we say justice is blind? Hard to figure that any other way because the law and justice in this country surely can see skin color, class, and the color of money.)

Just add Gorsuch and Roberts and you’ve got your posse. Women is losers.

And, because the law has begun to be seen as a mockery of what justice should be, I’ll close with a few words about Judge Judy, and also about Judge Jeanine Piro, two truly judgmental women who got pretty rich using their experience as judges to make millions playing at judging on TV.

A few words should be sufficient for “Judge” Piro: She’s a fascist. As for Judge Judy, she’s richer than Croesus for guilt-shaming poor people. Her rudeness to people, some who may not be the most noble specimens the human race has produced, invites her audience to feel superior, as she so clearly feels herself to be. For this, her wealth is estimated to be in the neighborhood of $440 million. It’s a neighborhood the people who seek justice from her will never see, of course. The people appearing on her show got a night or two of lodging and “free” plane rides to and fro. If they won their case, they got $5,000, max, for having submitted themselves to the risk of public humiliation and scorn, mostly for being poor and usually ill-educated.

As for the lying liars on the Supreme Court, these words from Scottish poet James Beattie written the year the U.S. declared its independence from Great Britain would surely apply here. “What is law,” he asked, “if those who make it become the forwardest to break it?”

Perhaps the best we can hope for is that the so-called pro-lifers who have lied us to the brink of dumping Roe v. Wade may suffer the unintended consequence of alienating so many at long last that Republicans will be unelectable and the party will enter the annals of eternal shame.

As it surely should.


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