Is Homer Hickam The Most Interesting Man In The World?


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, New York Times bestselling author Homer Hickam joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss his new book “Don’t Blow Yourself Up: The Further True Adventures and Travails of the Rocket Boy of October Sky” and recount some of his life’s most exciting experiences.

“I was functioning [when] I came back from Vietnam, I was functioning … I had relationships and I was just living life but I was unmoored. I didn’t have an anchor. I really, you know, looking back on it, I realized I was just searching for ‘what is my passion in life?’ because I’d had that before Vietnam,” Hickam said. “I’d had it when I was a rocket boy in Coalwood, West Virginia. I’d had it at Virginia Tech when I was building that cannon and studying really hard to be an engineer and so on. I’d had it and then I kind of lost it. I was just kind of wandering around in the desert, if you will, in my mind trying to figure out what it was that that I should do. It’s is one of the reasons that ultimately I think scuba diving kind of saved me.”

Hickam said he likes to try new things and is always looking for his next adventure.

“I just have this kind of passion, it builds up inside of me, that I can’t really control. I mean, I can but I don’t want to, especially if it’s a positive thing,” he said. 

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