Jonathan Reiner Hits GOP for Not Telling Voters to Get Vaxed


CNN medical analyst Jonathan Reiner took Republicans to task on Thursday for not touting the Covid-19 vaccine as the most effective tool to combat the pandemic.

Earlier on CNN Newsroom, Alisyn Camerota cited a CNN analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University indicating that “the risk of dying Covid-19 is 50% higher in red states than blue states. The average risk of dying from Covid is more than 50% higher in states that voted for Donald Trump in 2020 than in those that voted for president Joe Biden.”

She said the data was “really striking.”

Cohost Victor Blackwell returned to the stat later in the show to ask Reiner, “How does a Democratic president break through that wall? President Biden has been struggling to do it for his entire administration.”

“A Democratic president needs the buy-in of the GOP,” Reiner replied. “But yet we’ve had over a hundred [Republican] members of Congress refuse to disclose their vaccine status.”

Speaking nearly in an exasperated fashion, Reiner appeared nonplussed at the fact that many Republican politicians simply are not urging their own voters to get vaccinated, lest they “irritate” them:

What kind of a message does that send to their constituents? What we need is both houses of Congress on both sides of the aisle to come together and say, ‘This is a war and we need a wartime footing.’ And every member of Congress should be telling their constituents, ‘You have to go get vaccinated,’ and show them their vaccine card. And tell their constituents that, ‘If you’ve been vaccinated, now you need to get boosted.’

This is how we get to the other side. But yet, only one side of the chorus is singing right now. Look, Republican politicians somehow believe that this whole notion of vaccination is offensive to their constituents so they don’t want to irritate them. But their constituents are dying! The data from Hopkins, the CNN analysis, shows you are much more likely to die now of Covid if you live in a red state than if you live in a blue state. And it’s solely attributable to this gigantic gap in vaccination.

The doctor closed by noting, “Less than 60% of Republicans have been vaccinated.”

Watch above via CNN.

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