Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin Debate Larry David’s Sex Appeal


The hosts of The View debated Larry David’s appeal on Friday after MEL Magazine declared him as a “senior sex symbol.”

“Here’s a question, is comedian and Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David a sex symbol?” Joy Behar asked her fellow hosts on Friday’s edition of The View. 

While Ana Navarro can clearly be heard saying, “No,” Behar asserted that “the answer is a resounding yes,” citing MEL’s article on the comedian.

Behar went on to play clips of Jennifer Lawrence and Tyra Banks admitting they have crushes on David.

“I have so many sexual and boyfriend, marriage feelings for Larry David,” Lawrence told Seth Meyers in 2015. “I feel like I’m going to be sick.”

Banks similarly confessed her feelings for David, adding that her mother also has a crush on the funnyman.

This may be the only time I’m group with Jennifer Lawrence and Tyra banks, but count me in as well,” Behar said. “I always found Larry sexy. Smart, funny, and now rich. What’s not to like? What is there not to like?”

The hosts then threw up a picture of David from the 1980s, Navarro sarcastically saying, “That screams sex symbol.”

Sunny Hostin also had trouble calling David sexy, saying, “I like funny, but like, do you want to instantly rip your clothes off when he makes a joke?”

Navarro then called Behar out for having a type, noting that she’s often attracted to “thin, White men.”

“Listen, you know what, here’s my theory,” Behar said. “I believe — my father was skinny and tall. When I was a little girl during World War II, that’s how old I am, I would be on the subway I’d see sailors and I say, ‘my daddy’s a sailor too.’ A real Shirley Temple, ok? I was in love with my father.

The comment prompted guest host America Ferrera to conclude that “it has something to do with daddy issues.”

“It’s a daddy thing,” Behar agreed, later telling Navarro that the topic is “over your head.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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