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Brian Kilmeade

Brian Kilmeade pressed former president Donald Trump on his past use of social media Thursday morning, asking if his currently high numbers are tied to his absence from Twitter and Facebook. Trump called into Fox & Friends to discuss his new picture book, which he insisted is a “happy book” with “pictures of a lot of great things.”

While they failed to ask Trump about reports of his positive Covid test days before he debated Joe Biden, there were some relatively pointed questions directed at the former President. Kilmeade asking if Trump’s social media absence has helped or hurt him in the public’s eye stood out among them.

“Now that you’re off social media — even despite January 6 and the investigation, everything that happened since, the impeachment that followed — your ratings, according to friendly polling for you, are higher than they’ve ever been,” Kilmeade said. “Did you overrate the impact of social media, and in retrospect, will you need it if you want to run again?”

“I think that people are seeing the great job that we did,” Trump replied, before going on a tangent about the economy and Hispanic support.

But Kilmeade went back to his question. “What about social media, Mr. President? But what about social media? Did it hurt you more than it helped you and now that you’re off it and you see that nothing’s really changed with your numbers except actually going up, do you think that you overemphasized social media?”

“Look, I think social media is important,” said Trump after bragging about poll numbers again. He also said his own platform is being developed and will “be incredible.”

That prompted Ainsley Earhardt to join in, asking if Trump might change his “approach” now, as in moderate his tone.

Trump called it “an interesting question.” He said he thinks he’s a nice person but that he “had to break a lot of eggs.”

It wasn’t the total softball Trump may have been expecting when he called in. He was even interrupted a few times, as Kilmeade pressed for answers that Trump was dodging. And it even got personal.

Kudos to the Fox & Friends host for the on-point question about social media — a question plenty of Republicans have had about Trump since he first ran for president, and a question he had to herd Trump to respond to. Not too shabby.

Green Room Loser 12-02-2021MEDIA LOSER:

Keith Olbermann

Former sportscaster and current left-wing political commentator Keith Olbermann was torched Wednesday night after he politicized Tuesday’s Oxford High School shooting in Michigan, linking it to Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports and Donald Trump.

Wednesday afternoon, Barstool posted a tragic story which memorialized an Oxford High student for sacrificing his own life during the shooting. Olbermann quote tweeted the story by blasting Barstool and its founder for promoting “Trumpist Fascism.”

“This kid died to stop a school shooter whose mother echoed the Trumpist Fascism of @stoolpresidente and @barstoolsports,” Olbermann wrote.

Olbermann replied to his own tweet with an excerpt from a Daily Beast story about the suspect’s mother and her political beliefs as justification for his outburst. Nevertheless backlash was swift. Olbermann, as he always does, doubled down, reiterating his initial attack with more words as if the problem was that nobody understood his eloquence.

“A quick recap: @barstoolsports and @stoolpresidente sell the same fake-macho Trump pro-death bullshit that the Michigan shooter’s parents revel in. For them to exploit the story of the kid who sacrificed himself to stop the shooter is hypocrisy beyond measure #ToHellWithBarstool”,” he tweeted.

Portnoy responded to Olbermann in a tweet, but then deleted it, and sent a second tweet saying “Yes I deleted a tweet which I usually never do. Felt wrong letting Keith highjack a tragedy for his relevancy. Going to bed.”

Olbermann got the illusion of relevance he craved with the crass exploitation anyway, as thousands of like-minded people “liked” the ugly comment. From the opposite side, there were many hundreds of negative responses, dozens of which referred to Olberman – somewhat predictably – as the “worst person in the world.”

In the last few weeks there’s been a notable selectiveness in which terrible crimes people seek political motive to discuss, and which they don’t dare ask the question about.

But Olbmermann choosing an objectively heroic and tragic story of sacrifice to make a snotty comment about a sports website and its creep-in-chief is an exceptional low, even in that environment.

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