MAGA Sen. Tom Cotton Gets Destroyed Criticizing Dems for Not Being “Tough on Russia”


It is understandable if one doesn’t know much about Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen from New Hampshire. She represents a small state and doesn’t preen for the cameras or seek out publicity for publicity’s sake. She does her job and does it well. She used to be a teacher. If only we had a senate full of teachers…

It is impossible to understand how anyone would not recognize MAGA Sen. Tom Cotton. He also represents a small state, Arkansas. But he most certainly does seek attention for attention’s sake, because he just so obviously wants to be president. Additionally, every time Cotton speaks, he is just so obviously right, ask him. He gets quite annoyed when you fail to understand. He is right. Got it?

Today, Cotton was pontificating on being tough on Russia and even had the temerity to criticize Joe Biden for not being tough enough on Russia, which is just sooo ridiculous. How does he stand there and criticize Biden for not being tough on Russia while he supports a guy who trusted Putin over his own intelligence community?

Put plainly, Donald Trump would criticize anyone and everyone who displeased him, but he would not criticize Putin under any circumstances. That’s what poker players call “a tell.”

Oh, and it is interesting that when a delegation of United States Senators went to Moscow for July 4th 2018, “to warn Putin about interfering in the 2018 election,” (What did they have to warn him about when Trump said that Putin had nothing to do with it?), the group warning Putin were all Republicans. Isn’t that weird?

Cotton was not in the delegation that went to Russia, but he knows damned well which party is in bed with Russia, and when he criticized Joe Biden and the Democratic senators for not being tough enough on Russia, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen decided that she was not accepting that Tom Cotton was right.  dropped the mic right on top of Cotton’s adam’s apple.

Watch Sen. Shaheen point out who has been barred from Russia and who can enter Russia with ease, perhaps giving away who is “tough” on Russia.

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