Marjorie Taylor Greene Begging for $70K to ‘Help Me Sue Pelosi Over Mask Fines!’


This website needs your help! We need $250K to keep our infrastructure and small staff salaried! Please donate today because NO ONE upsets the MAGAs as much as we do! This is totally NOT TRUE!

We are fairly sure we didn’t need to add the “Not” in there because liberal organizations or websites don’t make a practice of basically threatening someone with something akin to being booted out of our club if you don’t donate.

We could have pretended we were some of the craven religious organizations that exist to keep pastors in mansions except that would leave us physically sick to our stomachs.

If one has ever read one of Trump’s emails seeking money, then you know that the above is lighthearted and nowhere near as intense. Trump’s emails make it clear that if you don’t donate, you are basically proving that you don’t care about your country and are ensuring that it doesn’t survive. Additionally, don’t bother even trying to be a real MAGA again, you had your chance… unless maybe you donate next time. (They don’t include that last line, but we did)

They wouldn’t keep doing it if it didn’t work! Today, Marjorie Taylor Greene sent out an urgent email claiming that she needs $70K in order to sue Nancy Pelosi over being forced to wear a mask.

The $70,000 is how much Marj has accrued in fines. If one thinks that clearing the fines is the first step to suing Nancy Pelosi, it is possible that person is as dumb as Marj.

We are just guessing, but it is possible that Marj just figured out that those fines are about to be attached to her government paycheck and that makes them a bit more “real” and her actions less of a statement. Again, that is our guess.

There has to be some reason. Marj has known she has been being fined all this time, but only now goes off the cliff about it? The most logical explanation is that she just figured that those fines are real and must be paid. But she’s a MAGA and she sure as hell isn’t going to pay them! She has a right to free money! Look at all the work she’s done for them!

Okay. But let’s talk about this site again. If we don’t get our $250K to survive, just who is going to be around to sue Jim Jordan, huh? Think about it. NO one, that’s who. So send it, or you’re basically a MAGA, or a moron. Sorry, about the redundancy there.


[email protected] and Substack: Epstein and the Intel Community?

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