Mika Brzezinski Calls Alec Baldwin Interview ‘Cringeworthy’


Mika Brzezinski had a harsh reaction to ABC’s production of the Alex Baldwin interview with George Stephanopoulos, calling out the use of dramatic music and saying it was “cringeworthy.”

“I am highly uncomfortable with this, it just seems highly brutal to watch on a number of levels,” Brzezinski said coming out of a clip of Baldwin, before pivoting to the reasoning behind the interview itself.

“I can imagine his family is being hounded by the press and I can understand the need to set the record straight when the Twittersphere or, whatever the media out there in Google land is coming after you and they have a narrative that does not reflect your own personal experience, I can understand how that must be frustrating,” she said.

“But I still don’t understand why put this all out there now given the level of severity and many different angles legally that this is under investigation,” she continued, before calling out to the production, or specifically the post-production, of the special.

“But just the music and the producing of it — which is not Alec Baldwin’s fault— is just so cringeworthy,” she said. ” There is a mother who is dead and a woman lost her life and it’s still investigating and it happened right in front of Alec Baldwin potentially in some way connected to this movie they were doing.

“And they put this dramatic music as if almost to make sure they get a lot of viewers and they play up the drama or I don’t know, I am so uncomfortable,” she concluded. “It moved into a realm of extreme discomfort to watch from my perspective.”

Brzezinski’s calling out of dramatic music in this interview strangely reveals that she may have never watched an episode of NBC’s Dateline, a series which is none too ashamed to add dramatic music to a show.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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