Peter Doocy Asks Biden if He is Healthy Because His Voice Sounds Different: ‘Are You Okay?’


Peter Doocy cares deeply about Joe Biden, both as a person and as his president, wanting Joe to be strong and fit, as one would expect.

Of course, none of the above is likely true. What is true is that Fox News loves to continually bring up the fact that Joe is 79 years old, they find him to be “frail” without any real evidence, and that he’s senile, with absolutely no evidence. The fact that Joe still has a bit of a stutter makes their case easy to fake and it’s laughable given that the last guy couldn’t put a sentence together, even without any kind of stutter, unless it was to insult someone, and then he had no problem.

So, today, Joe Biden didn’t sound like he normally does – his voice was different, and apparently, it was noticeable enough that Doocy felt compelled (by his paycheck) to ask Biden about it:

Thanks to Mediaite for the transcript:

“First of all, Mr. President, your voice sounds different. Are you okay?”

Biden’s answer didn’t sound like the type you would expect from someone senile:

“I’m okay. I have a test every day to — covid test,” Biden explained. “What I have is a 1 1/2-year-old grandson who had a cold who likes to kiss his pop and he has been kissing me anyway. But it is just a cold.”

It is fair for a reporter to ask about a president’s health, especially an older president. When one person has as much power we imbue to a president, a citizen does have the right to ask.

We suppose it was fair. What has not been fair is the way that Fox News selectively takes Biden’s worst moments and replays them over and over and over, while assuming it means he’s senile.

We covered Trump, a lot. We noted what looked like physical or neurological issues. Every single time we did, we specifically wrote that no one could be sure without being a physician doing a full exam and running tests. Fox doesn’t need a caveat.


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