Reactions to Alleged Email Showing Tucker-Hunter Friendship


Pro-Trump celebrity lawyer and conspiracy theorist Lin Wood posted a screenshot on the messaging platform Telegram Thursday purporting to be a friendly 2014 email exchange between Hunter Biden and Tucker Carlson.

Posted by Wood, the alleged email, the authenticity of which has not been verified, appears to show Carlson thanking Biden for writing a letter of recommendation to Georgetown University for his son Buckley Carlson. The Telegram post almost immediately made its way to Twitter, where it was greeted with a bevy of comical tweets and exasperated political takes.

“Hunter! I can’t thank you enough for writing that letter to Georgetown on Buckley’s behalf. So nice of you. I know it’ll help,” read the screenshot of the purported November 12, 2014 Carlson email to Biden. “Hope you’re great and we can all get dinner soon.”

It is worth noting that Carlson has previously addressed the fact on his show that he knew Biden “fairly well” as they had been neighbors and also said, “I knew his wife, who’s an absolutely outstanding person, a good person.”

While Wood is not considered a very reliable source and posted the message as part of his ongoing battle within the pro-Trump right, the Twitterverse was quick to comment:

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, reacted, “I have to believe the email from Tucker Carlson begging Hunter Biden for a Georgetown recommendation for his son Buckley is fabricated because it’s way too on the nose.”

The Bulwark’s Tim Miller jested, “So let me get this straight. Hunter’s laptop did reveal him trading on his name…But he did so to help his friend Tucker Carlson? You couldn’t make it up.”

Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen also joked, “So @TuckerCarlson asked for a favor from Hunter Biden. By the transitive property, Tucker is a Chinese asset hiding laptops full of secret Ukrainian deals.”

The Atlantic’s Tom Nichols wrote, “This Tucker Carlson story is so insane that it has to be true, because 2021.”

On a more serious note, New York Magazine’s David Freedlander wrote, “The three days this week between Mark Meadows calling his own memoir fake news and Tucker Carlson leaning on Hunter Biden to help his son get into Georgetown gives you have a real encapsulation of contemporary American politics.”

David Frum used the moment to take aim at what he sees as Carlson’s own journalistic standards, writing, “Let’s just put it this way: however dodgy and shaky the source may seem to YOU, this would be a more than good enough source for the Tucker Carlson program if the story were a story the Tucker Carlson program wanted to run with.”

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