Stephen A. Smith Blasts Antonio Brown for Covid Vaccine Lie


The NFL suspended Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown three games for misrepresenting his vaccination status, but according to ESPN’S Stephen A. Smith, it should’ve been more.

Brown was accused by his former personal chef of obtaining a fake vaccine card to avoid NFL protocols this season. The wide receiver denied the claim at first, but has since waived his right to appeal the suspension handed down by the NFL.

“There’s not even a rule in the NFL prohibiting you as a player from playing if you’re not vaccinated,” Smith noted Friday morning on First Take. “What it says is that you have to go through additional safety protocols that could be a bit more arduous…but you don’t HAVE to get vaccinated in order to play.”

“And still, STILL you lied,” Smith ranted. “He might be vaccinated now, but the fact of the matter is you wouldn’t be suspended if you were vaccinated at the time that the NFL was investigating the matter.”

According to reports, after using the fake vaccine card, Brown ultimately decided to get the jab before the start of the season.

“They found out that Antonio Brown LIED,” Smith continued of the NFL’s investigation. “Just like…Aaron Rodgers, ‘I’m immunized’ as opposed to being vaccinated when you were deliberately deceitful. YOU LIED.”

Prior to the start of the NFL season, unvaccinated players such as Kirk Cousins, Lamar Jackson and Carson Wentz were publicly chastised for touting their vaccine hesitancy. But the criticism waned quickly, whereas the vaccine status of Rodgers and Brown morphed into much larger stories because of their deceit.

Rodgers lied to the media about getting immunized, but the Green Bay Packers were aware their quarterback was unvaccinated. Brown’s fake vaccination card put his teammates in harms way.

“These brothers vouched for you man,” Smith said of Brown’s teammates. “And all it would have been was an inconvenience for you. And rather than simply being honest to ensure your availability, you chose to go this route. Your ass is LUCKY you got three games. It should’ve been more.”

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