The View Puts Up a Staunch Defense for Alec Baldwin


The co-hosts of The View offered a strong defense of Alec Baldwin after his exclusive ABC News interview with George Stephanopolous, in which he discussed the exact moment he accidentally shot dead cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the movie “Rust.”

“I don’t think he’ll be found criminally responsible, but any lawsuit they’re going to play this video. I got the tell you, I saw empathy, I saw remorse, I saw, you know, sympathy,” said co-host Sunny Hostin of the interview which aired Thursday night.

“Depression?” Interjected co-host Joy Behar.

“I saw depression,” Hostin continued. “He said he would have killed himself had he felt guilty about this. I thought it was a good thing [the interview] for him to do actually despite the critics who are saying otherwise.”

Hostin continued by arguing she believed someone put the bullet in the gun, which should not have been there. Co-host Ana Navarro agreed, saying she felt bad for Baldwin and argued that as the investigation continues we will find out more about what went wrong on that movie set.

Guest co-host and actress America Ferrera jumped in saying, “I have handled guns and it’s so many people’s jobs to ensure the safety of every single person on that set. It’s the AD’s job, every producer’s job — it’s the director’s job and the gun handler’s job.”

Behar interrupted to ask if its the actor’s job. “The actor plays a part in it,” Ferrera continued. “But, it’s not Alec Baldwin’s job to alone to be responsible for that moment, it’s so many people’s jobs.”

The conversation then continued to the treatment of Baldwin and his family. Co-host Sara Haines expressed dismay at how Baldwin has been treated, saying, “People need to leave Alec Baldwin and his family alone.”

She continued, “They’re being chased around and you can see, anyone can see from the first explanation on, that this was an accidental tragedy and there was a life lost, but to make that two lives by trolling another human to this level, he’s dealing with mental issues.”

Behar wrapped up the segment by noting, “He said his family is everything now, I don’t give a damn about my career anymore.” To which another host added, “Well, if he doesn’t work again.”

“He will,” concluded Behar.

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