Jen Psaki GRILLED on POTUS Health After Biden Reveals Cold


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki fielded questions from 5 different reporters on President Joe Biden’s health after the revelation that a baby had given him a cold.

Psaki briefed reporters shortly after the president was asked about his health by Fox News’ Peter Doocy, who noticed a drastic change in Biden’s voice the last couple of days.

“I’m okay. I have a test every day to see — a COVID test. I — they check me for all the strains. What I have is a one-and-a-half-year-old grandson who had a cold, who likes to kiss his Pop. And he’d been kissing my — anyway, so — but it’s just a cold,” Biden told Doocy.

TheWhite House press then sprang into action, as five of their ranks — including Doocy — pounced on Psaki hours later to get the real scoop.

The first several were on details about the president’s testing regimen, and then Doocy asked his follow-ups:

DOOCY: One more topic, to follow up on some of the questions from earlier. The President was hoarse and coughing today. A lot of people in the workforce are encouraged not to go to work if they are exhibiting those symptoms, even if they are fully vaccinated. So, are the rules different for the President?

MS. PSAKI: The President, again, was tested, as we put out in some — in a transparent piece of information from his doctor, where he received a response quickly from that test, enable him — enabling him to proceed. People also had — he had a cold, which is what you know from the information put out by the doctor.

DOOCY: But as you know from your own experience, it is possible to test negative several times before there’s a positive test. So is there any concern about having him at work while he’s got these symptoms, even if he is showing negative tests?

MS. PSAKI: I can assure you that the President follows every protocol. He wants to keep everyone safe in the White House. And that’s why, obviously, he — we consult with the doctor and we put out that information to make it available to all of you.

Then NBC News’ Peter Alexander weighed in, telling Psaki “Two last little thoughts just following up on the questions about his health. Obviously, like everybody else, we wish that he will get well soon.”

“The question though is: Given the fact that he has a cold right now, are there any things that are being done differently? Have meetings been scaled back? Is he doing something separately or does everything continue as planned, given the test?”

“It’s continuing as planned. He’s taking some over-the-counter cold medication and probably some cough drops and some tea. But otherwise, he’s proceeding with his schedule,” Psaki revealed.

Alexander asked one more about the president’s testing regimen, and then so did The New York TimesMichael Shear.

Watch above via C-Span.

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