Man spends £2,500 transforming his home into a 70s paradise


Up in Sheffield sits a time machine that takes you to the 70s (Picture: vintage____visions / Mercury Press)

When you find an aesthetic you absolutely adore, why not go all in?

That’s what Ben Scott did, turning his two-bedroom house in Sheffield, Yorkshire, into a groovy 70s-inspired paradise.

And he did it on a budget, spending just £2,500 decking out the home in floral patterns, retro furniture, and shades of orange and brown.

Ben, 28, was inspired by his grandparents to immerse himself in 70s nostalgia.

‘I absolutely love 70s decor,’ said the former support worker. ‘I find modern houses all look the same.

‘Mine has a bit of personality and guests instantly know what I like by walking through my door.

‘The walls used to be magnolia but it felt so cold.

Ben Scott, 28, was inspired to give his home a 70s makeover by his late grandparents (Picture: vintage____visions / Mercury Press)
He has spent just £2,500 kitting the entire two-bed house out in 70s inspired decor (Picture: vintage____visions / Mercury Press)
Everything in the home was either free or sourced from Ebay or Facebook Marketplace (Picture: vintage____visions / Mercury Press)

‘Whereas now I have lots of warm tones such as yellows, oranges and browns.’

Ben kept his decor costs low by sourcing his vintage-inspired items online, many second-hand.

‘Everything in my house is either free, from eBay or Facebook Marketplace,’ he said.

‘My sofa was free from a stranger on Facebook and it was barely ever sat on.

‘IIn the 70s, a lot of people used to use their living room as more of a showroom so that has worked in my favour with the sofa.

Much of the furniture is second-hand (Picture: vintage____visions / Mercury Press)
It’s quite the transformation from the previous magnolia walls (Picture: vintage____visions / Mercury Press)

‘The fireplace was £20 and so was the unit next to my bed.’

The most expensive item in Ben’s home is the armchair which cost £80.

He added: ‘I usually pay around £20 for an item or less.

‘I have a large west German lamp in my living room which looks more than £20.

‘The kitchen wallpaper was £10 and the yellow floral wallpaper in my bedroom was £20.

‘Some things are second hand whilst others have never been used – either way, I don’t mind.

‘Everything from the bath rug to dinnerware is 70s inspired in my house.

Ben has been decorating the house for two years (Picture: vintage____visions / Mercury Press)
Upping the DIY in lockdown helped with his mental health (Picture: vintage____visions / Mercury Press)

‘I have a wooden cabinet in my living room and I have stuck 70s inspired vinyl wallpaper to the back of it.’

Ben has been decorating his house for the last two years, but upped the effort during lockdown.

He found that the project really helped to boost his mental health.

The interiors make the home feel super comforting (Picture: vintage____visions / Mercury Press)

‘I am now surrounded by vibrant floral patterns that I love,’ he noted.

‘My home definitely helps lift my spirit.’

Plus, his home now serves as a beautiful tribute to his late grandparents, Sarah and Jeff.

He said: ‘Growing up I lived with my grandparents and their house was similar.

‘So now my home feels as safe as it did back then.

‘It is comforting being in my house as it reminds me of them.’

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