‘So Dangerous’ Not to Prosecute Donald Trump


Ex-presidential niece Mary Trump told SiriusXM host Dean Obeidallah that it is “dangerous” for former President Donald Trump not to be prosecuted for the Capitol insurrection.

On Friday’s edition of The Dean Obeidallah Show, the host talked with Ms. Trump about the fact that the Justice Department has not criminally charged Donald Trump yet for his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Trump was critical of Attorney General Merrick Garland, suggesting he’s an “idiot” for apparently not pursuing a case:

Dean: We need to start pressuring the DOJ. I’m chanting “lock him up.” I’m chanting: I hope you investigate it, go before a grand jury, present the evidence, and they don’t want to indict I can live with that, but I think they will indict. And if it goes in front of a jury and he’s acquitted I can live with that as well, I believe in our system. But not bringing it to a grand jury, not presenting it for potential indictment, not prosecuting?! I think historians will look back go this is one of the biggest mistakes the United States of America has made because I think at this point I think it’s political. I think there’s a political sense to we can charge it from a president that kind of idea.

Mary: It’s so dangerous and it is really the last in a very long line of instances in which the wrong decision has been made you know “look ahead don’t look back” and that’s what’s gotten us here. The problem is this is the last time it’s going to happen–this is our literally our last opportunity. I thought the Department of Justice was supposed to be about justice but Merrick Garland seems to have deluded himself into believing that by not pursuing this he’s somehow taking the politics out of the Department of Justice.

I have something to say to you then Mr. Garland: you think it’s not a political decision not to pursue, not to investigate the second-worst insurrection–or attempted insurrection in well it may be the worst actually-in U.S. history?! I mean that’s not a political decision? And you know more than half of us want this, more than half of us are begging for this to happen. And it isn’t political. if you’re investigating an alleged crime, how is that political?! And the fact that he doesn’t understand that or that he doesn’t care, or that he’s you know a quote “institutionalist” ’cause that apparently gives you free license to be an idiot, I don’t know. You know, so it’s incredibly worrisome.

Watch above, via The Dean Obeidallah Show.

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