WATCH School Shooting Suspect Parents Get Half-MILLION Bail


James Crumbley and Jennifer Crumbley, the parents of 15-year-old Oxford High School shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley, reacted live on video to the $500,000.00 bail ordered by the judge in their case.

On Saturday morning, the Crumbleys were arraigned after they were arrested overnight as fugitives. The arraignment was carried live on Zoom video.

But at the arraignment, the couple’s attorneys claimed the suspects were taking steps to turn themselves in when they were arrested, a claim that’s contradicted by the facts that law enforcement and the prosecutors have given.

Presiding Judge Julie Nicholson heard arguments from both parties in the case. Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald asked for $500,000 bond for each of the defendants. Crumbley Defense Attorney Shannon Smith asked for between $50,000 and $100,000 bail for her clients.

In the end, Judge Nicholson was not convinced to grant the lower bail, and also ordered the couple’s weapons to be seized if they do end up being released on bail.

Both were given $500,000.00 bail, with no 10 percent cash alternative.

“As it relates to the in the event that the defendants do post bond, I am requiring that they turn over any and all weapons to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office,” the Judge said. “That must occur within — Realistically, I’m not sure what they have in their possession, or if they’re going to be able to be, where they’re going to be released to if they post bond, but I am going to require that they turn over all weapons upon release from the Oakland County Jail.”

Neither defendant was very animated as the judge made the ruling, but each of them periodically lowered their heads as the bail was set. Mrs. Crumbley placed her fingers over her mouth repeatedly.

On Friday, the couple was charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter in Tuesday’s massacre for potential wrongdoing on their part leading up to the shooting. The pair became fugitives after the arrest warrants were issued, but were arrested overnight. They were taken into custody because of a tip police received.

Watch above via The Washington Post.

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