Young Turks BLAST Steven Crowder Racist Black Santa Rant


The Young Turks founder and host Cenk Uygur joined his co-hosts in going off on TheBlaze TV host Steven Crowder’s stunningly racist rant about Black Santas.

On Friday’s edition of the pioneering online news program, co-host Jayar Jackson introduced clips from Crowder’s Louder with Crowder program, a frequent source of racist content that has been repeatedly demonetized by YouTube for content violations.

In the segment, pegged to the fact that Disney has hired its first Black Santa Claus, Crowder asks a person named “Dave” if he’s “ever seen a Black Santa?”

“I guess if I’m in the wrong mall, you?” the person answered.

“Figurines at Dollar Trees?” Crowder said.

In another clip, Crowder and another person insist that a Black person in costume “must be one of the helpers.”

“Quick thing on how funny it is to be racist,” Mr. Jackson said following the clips. “It’s only funny if you’re talking to other racists.”

“It’s not even funny then, it says, ‘Oh yeah, it’s a, it’s a signal. We’re both pieces of garbage, right? Yeah, that’s right.’ That’s all that did,” he added.

Mr. Uygur said “I’m amused at the racism,” and asked, regarding the “wrong mall” crack, “What does that mean? Like, you went to the wrong mall? Is it a black mall? I don’t know. I don’t know what he’s talking about. Like, he wound up at the wrong mall and found a Black Santa. What did he do? What did Black Santa do to you?”

They also mocked Crowder’s insistence that this constitutes “cultural appropriation” of a “historical figure.”

Co-host Rayyvana said “If a pretend imaginary Santa Claus is the cornerstone of Western civilization, it deserves to crumble.”

She also explained why Crowder asked one of his cohorts about wanting a Black Santa, saying “His nickname on the show is Quarter-Black. He has a black grandpa and holds up a picture of him to prove that he can say the N-word.”

“Oh God, they’re disgusting,” Uygur said.

Watch above via The Young Turks.

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