Ecuador man Erick Cedeno’s body removed from coffin by friends for one last bike ride


They just wanted one last ride.

A group of motorcyclists in Ecuador took the body of their dead friend from its coffin, put it on the back of a chopper and leaned it against the driver’s back, as half a dozen men cheered,  the Daily Star reported.

Images show Erick Cedeno’s corpse poised to hit the road. The friends claimed they got his parents’ permission, the paper said.

Cedeno, 21, was shot dead last weekend on the way to a loved one’s funeral, according to the outlet.

Police called the spooky stunt “an aberrant and unhealthy activity” — but they’re not investigating, because no one’s complained, the paper said.

Erick Cedeno, who was shot dead last weekend on the way to a funeral, was gently placed on the back of the motorbike driver before the vehicle took off.
Jam Press (Corpse Motorcycle)
Police called the act “an aberrant and unhealthy activity” — but no reported investigations have taken place due to there not being any complaints about the questionable stunt.
Jam Press (Corpse Motorcycle)

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