‘Stop the Steal’ Attorney Lin Wood Now Claims QAnon Is ‘Likely a Deep State Operation’


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Lin Wood, a longtime QAnon minion, is now singing a very different tune when it comes to the conspiracy-driven movement. Wood, who has also made national headlines for his support of former President Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the presidential election, recently took to the online messaging platform Telegram to share his perspective of the QAnon movement.

Some of the remarks he made in his post have left many people baffled. According to HuffPost, Wood claimed he has “’formed an opinion that Q speaks truth,’” referring to the anonymous poster in QAnon lore who has purported high-level government clearance and deep access to state secrets.”

“I know that I agree with the principles of Q in its fight against child sex trafficking, pedophilia, and satanic rituals,” said Wood, a self-proclaimed “Anon.”

“I believe that Anons are like me,” Wood said. “They research the information provided from Q drops. I am generally familiar with Q drops from others as I do not study them and am way behind in trying to interpret them. I think I can fairly be described as an Anon.”

However, he noted that he has a different take on “QAnon” itself. He added, “I believe that “QAnon” is likely a Deep State operation constructed to discredit Q and the Anons.”

Wood’s latest remarks come amid an intraparty war as members of the right-wing continue to attack each other. Wood, who previously represented Kenosha, Wisc., shooter Kyle Rittenhouse was recently slammed by the teen and his family and described as “insane.”

Rittenhouse, who was acquitted of charges in connection with the shootings of two protesters, “accused Wood of mishandling $2 million raised for his bail, forcing him to stay in jail for 87 days, and ‘using’ him ‘for a cause,'” HuffPost reports.

Over the last several days, Wood has also targeted former U.S. National Security adviser and QAnon supporter Michael Flynn by releasing audio of him criticizing the movement.


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