‘Zoom’ Trends on Twitter As Many Point Out That Zoom Call Masturbator Jeffrey Toobin is Still Employed By CNN


One person who probably is not too thrilled with Chris Cuomo being canned by CNN is one of his former co-workers, Jeffrey Toobin.

Many have pointed out that it seems bizarre that Toobin is still employed by the network when he did something that many consider being similarly as egregious.

The word “Zoom” has now trended on Twitter, as Toobin was caught last year masturbating while on a Zoom call with his colleagues.

Toobin was suspended for a lengthy period of time but eventually brought back in an awkward segment with a female host, Alisyn Camerota, where the two discussed the events that led to his suspension and what happened in the interim.

Trump supporter Vince Langman suggested in a tweet, “Considering Zoom D*ck Toobin is still working for CNN How big of a douchebag must #ChrisCuomo be to get fired by CNN”

“Chris Cuomo gets indefinitely suspended for gathering info about his brother’s accusers, but Jeffrey Toobin is still on air after masturbating on a company Zoom call,” Boris Epshteyn said in a tweet.

Epshteyn was confused by what the standard exactly is at CNN and added, “The line over at @CNN isn’t just fuzzy when it comes to journalism either.”

Even Meghan McCain weighed in and wondered in a quote tweet of CNN’s statement on Cuomo’s termination, “What did he do that’s worse than masturbating on a zoom call?”

Earlier when we first reported on Cuomo’s dismissal, we opined:

It will be interesting to see what various pundits on both sides have to say about this breaking news story. Cuomo had been previously suspended. But many thought he may come back to CNN, like Jeffrey Toobin did, after a long vacation for “accidentally” masturbating on a Zoom call.

It appears that Cuomo is now officially gone for good. This means that whatever Cuomo did is much worse than masturbating on a Zoom call. No word now if he is in other trouble, or if MSNBC will be vying to snag him up.

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