Twitter Howling With Laughter Over Trump’s Cheapest, Saddest, Commercial: ‘Biden Stole Christmas’


Every single email or text the MAGAs get from the “Save America” PAC begs for money, to the point where, if one chooses to ignore the emails, not only is Donald Trump personally disappointed in “seeing YOU not donate” but you might not be allowed to be a member again, given you are not committed to saving America.

They can make a lot of money that way.

But if all one does is send emails out about “saving America” and asking for money, eventually, even the MAGAs are going to wonder what all this money is supposed to be doing to save America.

In other words, at some point, no matter how little you believe in it, you are going to have to spend some of that money so that more flows in and you can say that you are sort of complying with the law. But you damn sure don’t want to spend too much. That money is needed elsewhere… like just about anywhere else besides regular PAC stuff.

So the Save America PAC put out what has to be the single cheapest ad ever made. It is literally nothing more than a montage of Fox News voices talking about how the country is going under because of the shipping issues, fade to black; “Biden Stole Christmas.”

As Trump would say, “Sad!”

Oh, my. One could take any 7th grade “Tech” class in this country and give them an assignment as video editors and they would come up with a more sophisticated and nuanced project than that above. That might have cost $100 to make.

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